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Ewan McGregor's poster
Ewan McGregor (Swede Levov)
Jennifer Connelly's poster
Jennifer Connelly (Dawn Levov)
Dakota Fanning's poster
Dakota Fanning (Merry Levov)
Peter Riegert's poster
Peter Riegert (Lou Levov)
Rupert Evans's poster
Rupert Evans (Jerry Levov)
Uzo Aduba's poster
Uzo Aduba (Vicky)
Molly Parker's poster
Molly Parker (Sheila Smith)
Valorie Curry's poster
Valorie Curry (Rita Cohen)
Hannah Nordberg's poster
Hannah Nordberg (Merry (12 years old))
Julia Silverman's poster
Julia Silverman (Sylvia Levov)
Mark Hildreth's poster
Mark Hildreth (Agent Dolan)
Samantha Mathis's poster
Samantha Mathis (Penny Hamlin)
David Strathairn's poster
David Strathairn (Nathan Zuckerman)
Ocean James's poster
Ocean James (Merry (8 years old))
David Whalen's poster
David Whalen (Bill Orcutt)
Corrie Danieley's poster
Corrie Danieley (Jessie Orcutt)
David Case's poster
David Case (Russ Hamlin)
Max Ivcic's poster
Max Ivcic (Hamlin's Son)
Chuck Diamond's poster
Chuck Diamond (Rabbi)
Brian Knoebel's poster
Brian Knoebel (Young Guardsman)
Carter Ellis's poster
Carter Ellis (Guardsman #1)
Nick Marzock's poster
Nick Marzock (Reunion Singer)
Tommy Lafitte's poster
Tommy Lafitte (Freddy)
Idole Zinobile's poster
Idole Zinobile (Harry)
Peter Gannon's poster
Peter Gannon (Cop Near Train Station)
Emily Peachey's poster
Emily Peachey (Hospital Nurse)
Jenny Vos's poster
Jenny Vos (Sanatorium Nurse)
Davion Traylor's poster
Davion Traylor (Demonstrator #1)
Chukky Okobi's poster
Chukky Okobi (Demonstrator #2)
Siovhan Christensen's poster
Siovhan Christensen (Demonstrator #3)
Yannick Hogarth's poster
Yannick Hogarth (Demonstrator #4)
Justin Lonesome's poster
Justin Lonesome (Demonstrator #5)
Steven Ravid's poster
Steven Ravid (Reunion Greeter #1)
Ron Emanuel's poster
Ron Emanuel (Reunion Greeter #2)
Kathy Emanuel's poster
Kathy Emanuel (Reunion Greeter #3)
Troy Bogdan's poster
Troy Bogdan (Sanatorium Worker (uncredited))
Justin Clarke's poster
Justin Clarke (Riot #3 (uncredited))
Benjamin Donlow's poster
Benjamin Donlow (Glove Factory Worker (uncredited))
Amy Lyn Elliott's poster
Amy Lyn Elliott (Glove Factory Worker (uncredited))
Joe Fishel's poster
Joe Fishel (Art Gallery Patron (uncredited))
Electa Rawls's poster
Electa Rawls (Glove Factory Worker (uncredited))