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Rick Baker's poster
Rick Baker (Himself)
Joe Dante's poster
Joe Dante (Himself)
Guillermo del Toro's poster
Guillermo del Toro (Himself)
Phil Tippett's poster
Phil Tippett (Himself)
Alec Gillis's poster
Alec Gillis (Himself)
Matt Winston's poster
Matt Winston (Himself)
Steve Johnson's poster
Steve Johnson (Himself)
Mike Elizalde's poster
Mike Elizalde (Himself)
Richard Taylor's poster
Richard Taylor (Himself)
Tom Woodruff Jr.'s poster
Tom Woodruff Jr. (Himself)
Gregory Nicotero's poster
Gregory Nicotero (Himself)
John Landis's poster
John Landis (Himself)
Chris Walas's poster
Chris Walas (Himself)
Kevin Smith's poster
Kevin Smith (Himself)
Dennis Muren's poster
Dennis Muren (Himself)
Stephen Chiodo's poster
Stephen Chiodo (Himself)