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Robert Englund's poster
Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger)
Ken Kirzinger's poster
Ken Kirzinger (Jason Voorhees)
Jason Ritter's poster
Jason Ritter (Will Rollins)
Monica Keena's poster
Monica Keena (Lori Campbell)
Lochlyn Munro's poster
Lochlyn Munro (Deputy Scott Stubbs)
Kelly Rowland's poster
Kelly Rowland (Kia Waterson)
Chris Marquette's poster
Chris Marquette (Charlie Linderman)
Brendan Fletcher's poster
Brendan Fletcher (Mark Davis)
Katharine Isabelle's poster
Katharine Isabelle (Gibb)
Kyle Labine's poster
Kyle Labine (Bill Freeburg)
Tom Butler's poster
Tom Butler (Dr. Campbell)
David Kopp's poster
David Kopp (Blake)
Paula Shaw's poster
Paula Shaw (Mrs. Pamela Voorhees (Jason's Mother))
Jesse Hutch's poster
Jesse Hutch (Trey)
Zack Ward's poster
Zack Ward (Bobby Davis (Mark's Brother))
Garry Chalk's poster
Garry Chalk (Sheriff Williams)
Brent Chapman's poster
Brent Chapman (Blake's Father)
Spencer Stump's poster
Spencer Stump (Young Jason Voorhees)
Joëlle Antonissen's poster
Joëlle Antonissen (Little Girl)
Alistair Abell's poster
Alistair Abell (Officer Goodman)
Robert Shaye's poster
Robert Shaye (Principal Shaye)
Chris Gauthier's poster
Chris Gauthier (Shack)
Colby Johannson's poster
Colby Johannson (Teammate)
Kimberley Warnat's poster
Kimberley Warnat (Beer Line Girl)
Kevin Hansen's poster
Kevin Hansen (Beer Line Guy)
Alex Green's poster
Alex Green (Frisell (Glowing Raver))
Odessa Munroe's poster
Odessa Munroe (Heather)
Jamie Mayo's poster
Jamie Mayo (Dead Girl on Tree)
Blake Mawson's poster
Blake Mawson (Dead Boy on Tree)
Viv Leacock's poster
Viv Leacock (Kinsey Park (Male Nurse))
Tony Willett's poster
Tony Willett (Asylum Guard)
Claire Riley's poster
Claire Riley (TV Reporter)
Sharon Peters's poster
Sharon Peters (Lori's Mother)
Sarah-Anne Hepher's poster
Sarah-Anne Hepher (Skipping Girl)
Kirsti Forbes's poster
Kirsti Forbes (Skipping Girl)
Taryn McCulloch's poster
Taryn McCulloch (Skipping Girl)
Eileen Pedde's poster
Eileen Pedde (School Nurse)
Sean Tyler Foley's poster
Sean Tyler Foley (Male Counselor)
Jacqueline Stewart's poster
Jacqueline Stewart (Female Counselor)
Laura Boddington's poster
Laura Boddington (Female Counselor)
Colton Shock's poster
Colton Shock (Cruel Child)
Spencer Doduk's poster
Spencer Doduk (Cruel Child)
Anysha Berthot's poster
Anysha Berthot (Cruel Child)