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Will Ferrell's poster
Will Ferrell (Detective Allen Gamble)
Mark Wahlberg's poster
Mark Wahlberg (Detective Terry Hoitz)
Eva Mendes's poster
Eva Mendes (Sheila Gamble)
Samuel L. Jackson's poster
Samuel L. Jackson (P.K. Highsmith)
Dwayne Johnson's poster
Dwayne Johnson (Christopher Danson)
Michael Keaton's poster
Michael Keaton (Captain Gene Mauch)
Brett Gelman's poster
Brett Gelman (Hal)
Ray Stevenson's poster
Ray Stevenson (Roger Wesley)
Roy T. Anderson's poster
Roy T. Anderson (Rasta)
Larnell Stovall's poster
Larnell Stovall (Rasta)
Steve Coogan's poster
Steve Coogan (David Ershon)
Rob Riggle's poster
Rob Riggle (Martin)
Damon Wayans Jr.'s poster
Damon Wayans Jr. (Fosse)
Bobby Cannavale's poster
Bobby Cannavale (Jimmy)
Brooke Shields's poster
Brooke Shields (Brooke Shields)
Anne Heche's poster
Anne Heche (Pamela Boardman)
Zach Woods's poster
Zach Woods (Douglas)
Adam McKay's poster
Adam McKay (Dirty Mike)
Ben Schwartz's poster
Ben Schwartz (Beaman's Assistant)
Andy Buckley's poster
Andy Buckley (Don Beaman)
Rob Huebel's poster
Rob Huebel (Officer Watts)
Natalie Zea's poster
Natalie Zea (Christinith)
Lindsay Sloane's poster
Lindsay Sloane (Francine)
Ice-T's poster
Ice-T (Narrator (voice))
Horatio Sanz's poster
Horatio Sanz (Gallery Owner)
Thomas Middleditch's poster
Thomas Middleditch (Gallery Attendee)
Derek Jeter's poster
Derek Jeter (Himself)
Rosie Perez's poster
Rosie Perez (Herself)
Tracy Morgan's poster
Tracy Morgan (Himself)