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Chris Hemsworth's poster
Chris Hemsworth (Owen Chase)
Benjamin Walker's poster
Benjamin Walker (George Pollard)
Cillian Murphy's poster
Cillian Murphy (Matthew Joy)
Brendan Gleeson's poster
Brendan Gleeson (Old Thomas Nickerson)
Ben Whishaw's poster
Ben Whishaw (Herman Melville)
Michelle Fairley's poster
Michelle Fairley (Mrs. Nickerson)
Tom Holland's poster
Tom Holland (Young Thomas Nickerson)
Paul Anderson's poster
Paul Anderson (Thomas Chappel)
Frank Dillane's poster
Frank Dillane (Owen Coffin)
Joseph Mawle's poster
Joseph Mawle (Benjamin Lawrence)
Edward Ashley's poster
Edward Ashley (Barzallai Ray)
Sam Keeley's poster
Sam Keeley (Ramsdell)
Osy Ikhile's poster
Osy Ikhile (Richard Peterson)
Gary Beadle's poster
Gary Beadle (William Bond)
Jamie Sives's poster
Jamie Sives (Isaac Cole)
Morgan Chetcuti's poster
Morgan Chetcuti (Sheppard)
Charlotte Riley's poster
Charlotte Riley (Peggy)
Nicholas Jones's poster
Nicholas Jones (Pollard Senior)
Donald Sumpter's poster
Donald Sumpter (Paul Macy)
Richard Bremmer's poster
Richard Bremmer (Benjamin Fuller)
Jordi Mollà's poster
Jordi Mollà (Spanish Captain)
Hayley Joanne Bacon's poster
Hayley Joanne Bacon (Nantucket Townswoman)
Andrew Crayford's poster
Andrew Crayford (Customs Officer)
Claudia Newman's poster
Claudia Newman (Nantucket Townswoman)
Daniel Westwood's poster
Daniel Westwood (Nantucket Passenger)
Andy Wareham's poster
Andy Wareham (John Sanborn)