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Dane DeHaan's poster
Dane DeHaan (Mr. Lockhart)
Jason Isaacs's poster
Jason Isaacs (Dr. Heinreich Volmer)
Mia Goth's poster
Mia Goth (Hannah von Reichmerl)
Adrian Schiller's poster
Adrian Schiller (Deputy Director)
Celia Imrie's poster
Celia Imrie (Victoria Watkins)
Harry Groener's poster
Harry Groener (Roland Pembroke)
Tomas Norström's poster
Tomas Norström (Frank Hill)
Jeff Burrell's poster
Jeff Burrell (Funeral Director)
Ivo Nandi's poster
Ivo Nandi (Enrico)
Magnus Krepper's poster
Magnus Krepper (Pieter The Vet)
Michael Mendl's poster
Michael Mendl (Bartender)
Craig Wroe's poster
Craig Wroe (Morris)
David Bishins's poster
David Bishins (Hank Green)
Lisa Banes's poster
Lisa Banes (Hollis)
Carl Lumbly's poster
Carl Lumbly (Mr. Wilson)
Jason Babinsky's poster
Jason Babinsky (Carl)
Johannes Krisch's poster
Johannes Krisch (Caretaker)
Maggie Steed's poster
Maggie Steed (Mrs. Abramov)
Ashok Mandanna's poster
Ashok Mandanna (Ron Nair)
Eric Todd's poster
Eric Todd (Josh)
Rebecca Street's poster
Rebecca Street (Lockhart's Mother)
Bert Tischendorf's poster
Bert Tischendorf (Lockhart's Father)
Douglas Hamilton's poster
Douglas Hamilton (9-Year-Old Lockhart)
Leonard Kunz's poster
Leonard Kunz (Frank)
Daniel Michel's poster
Daniel Michel (Denim)
Tom Flynn's poster
Tom Flynn (Humphrey)
Sophie Charlotte Conrad's poster
Sophie Charlotte Conrad (Bar Girl)
Natascha Lawiszus's poster
Natascha Lawiszus (Bar Girl)
Luzie Scheuritzel's poster
Luzie Scheuritzel (Bar Girl)
Manon Kahle's poster
Manon Kahle (Secretary)
Adrian Zwicker's poster
Adrian Zwicker (Conductor)
Peter Benedict's poster
Peter Benedict (Constable)
Julia Graefner's poster
Julia Graefner (Vet's Daughter)
Nino Böhlau's poster
Nino Böhlau (Drawing Boy)
Annette Lober's poster
Annette Lober (Volmer Institute Staff)
Susanne Wuest's poster
Susanne Wuest (Volmer Institute Staff)
Godehard Giese's poster
Godehard Giese (Volmer Institute Staff)
Nadine Boeske's poster
Nadine Boeske (Volmer Institute Staff)
Judith Hoersch's poster
Judith Hoersch (Volmer Institute Staff)
Angelina Häntsch's poster
Angelina Häntsch (Volmer Institute Staff)
Axel Buchholz's poster
Axel Buchholz (Volmer Institute Staff)
David Bredin's poster
David Bredin (Volmer Institute Staff)
Matthias Britschgi's poster
Matthias Britschgi (Volmer Institute Staff)
Andreas Dobberkau's poster
Andreas Dobberkau (Volmer Institute Staff)
Sarah Franke's poster
Sarah Franke (Volmer Institute Staff)
Caspar Kaeser's poster
Caspar Kaeser (Volmer Institute Staff)
Sebastian Kaufmane's poster
Sebastian Kaufmane (Volmer Institute Staff)
Martin Laue's poster
Martin Laue (Volmer Institute Staff)
Benedict Seifert's poster
Benedict Seifert (Volmer Institute Staff)
Roman Schomburg's poster
Roman Schomburg (Volmer Institute Staff)
Florian Steffens's poster
Florian Steffens (Volmer Institute Staff)
Sven Timmreck's poster
Sven Timmreck (Volmer Institute Staff)
Hanna Wollschlaeger's poster
Hanna Wollschlaeger (Volmer Institute Staff)
Jef Bayonne's poster
Jef Bayonne (Volmer Institute Patient)
Klaus Burckhardt's poster
Klaus Burckhardt (Volmer Institute Patient)
Helmut Boelling's poster
Helmut Boelling (Volmer Institute Patient)
Renate Prack's poster
Renate Prack (Volmer Institute Patient)
Matthias Rick's poster
Matthias Rick (Volmer Institute Patient)
Peter Simlinger's poster
Peter Simlinger (Volmer Institute Patient)
Jutta Marina Von Brunkau's poster
Jutta Marina Von Brunkau (Volmer Institute Patient)
Johnny Otto's poster
Johnny Otto (Doctor Barlock (uncredited))
Natalia Bobrich's poster
Natalia Bobrich (Nurse (uncredited))
Alexander Yassin's poster
Alexander Yassin (Wall Street Banker (uncredited))
Chris Theisinger's poster
Chris Theisinger (Wallstreet Broker (uncredited))
David Sánchez Calvo's poster
David Sánchez Calvo (Orderly (uncredited))
Earl Vincent Sherwood II's poster
Earl Vincent Sherwood II (Ron NYC Driver (uncredited))
Chris Huszar's poster
Chris Huszar (Wedding Guest (uncredited))
Marko Buzin's poster
Marko Buzin (Wedding Guest (uncredited))
Matt Lindquist's poster
Matt Lindquist ((voice) (uncredited))