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Jackie Chan's poster
Jackie Chan (Passepartout / Lau Xing)
Steve Coogan's poster
Steve Coogan (Phileas Fogg)
Cécile de France's poster
Cécile de France (Monique Laroche)
Robert Fyfe's poster
Robert Fyfe (Jean Michel)
Jim Broadbent's poster
Jim Broadbent (Lord Kelvin)
Ian McNeice's poster
Ian McNeice (Colonel Kitchener)
David Ryall's poster
David Ryall (Lord Salisbury)
Roger Hammond's poster
Roger Hammond (Lord Rhodes)
Adam Godley's poster
Adam Godley (Mr. Sutton)
Will Forte's poster
Will Forte (Policeman)
Mark Addy's poster
Mark Addy (Steamer Captain)
Kathy Bates's poster
Kathy Bates (Queen Victoria)
Daniel Wu's poster
Daniel Wu (Bak Mei)
Arnold Schwarzenegger's poster
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Prince Hapi)
Maggie Q's poster
Maggie Q (Female Agent)
Sammo Hung's poster
Sammo Hung (Wong Fei Hung)
Karen Mok's poster
Karen Mok (General Fang)
Richard Branson's poster
Richard Branson (Balloon Man)
John Cleese's poster
John Cleese (Grizzled Sergeant)
Natalie Denise Sperl's poster
Natalie Denise Sperl (Stunning Woman)
Wolfram Teufel's poster
Wolfram Teufel (Belgian Dignitary)
Ewen Bremner's poster
Ewen Bremner (Inspector Fix)
Perry Andelin Blake's poster
Perry Andelin Blake (Vincent van Gogh)
Rob Schneider's poster
Rob Schneider (San Francisco Hobo)
Owen Wilson's poster
Owen Wilson (Wilbur Wright)
Luke Wilson's poster
Luke Wilson (Orville Wright)
Macy Gray's poster
Macy Gray (Sleeping French Woman)