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Noah Wyle's poster
Noah Wyle (Steve Jobs)
Anthony Michael Hall's poster
Anthony Michael Hall (Bill Gates)
Joey Slotnick's poster
Joey Slotnick (Steve Wozniak)
J.G. Hertzler's poster
J.G. Hertzler (Ridley Scott)
Wayne Pére's poster
Wayne Pére (Captain Crunch)
Sheila Shaw's poster
Sheila Shaw (Mrs. Wozniak)
Gema Zamprogna's poster
Gema Zamprogna (Arlene)
John DiMaggio's poster
John DiMaggio (Steve Ballmer)
Josh Hopkins's poster
Josh Hopkins (Paul Allen)
Gailard Sartain's poster
Gailard Sartain (Ed Roberts)
Allan Kolman's poster
Allan Kolman (Therapeut)
Marcus Giamatti's poster
Marcus Giamatti (Dan Kottke)
Melissa McBride's poster
Melissa McBride (Elizabeth Holmes)
Jeffrey Nordling's poster
Jeffrey Nordling (Mike Markkula)
Marc Worden's poster
Marc Worden (Chris Larson)
Allan Royal's poster
Allan Royal (John Sculley)
Bodhi Elfman's poster
Bodhi Elfman (John Gilmore (as Bodhi Pine Elfman))