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James McAvoy's poster
James McAvoy (Gnomeo (voice))
Emily Blunt's poster
Emily Blunt (Juliet (voice))
Michael Caine's poster
Michael Caine (Lord Redbrick (voice))
Maggie Smith's poster
Maggie Smith (Lady Bluebury (voice))
Julie Walters's poster
Julie Walters (Lady Montague (voice))
Jim Cummings's poster
Jim Cummings (Featherstone (voice))
Jason Statham's poster
Jason Statham (Tybalt (voice))
Ashley Jensen's poster
Ashley Jensen (Nanette (voice))
Matt Lucas's poster
Matt Lucas (Benny (voice))
Ozzy Osbourne's poster
Ozzy Osbourne (Fawn (voice))
Patrick Stewart's poster
Patrick Stewart (William Shakespeare (voice))
Stephen Merchant's poster
Stephen Merchant (Paris (voice))
Dolly Parton's poster
Dolly Parton (Dolly Gnome (voice))
Hulk Hogan's poster
Hulk Hogan (Terrafirminator V.O. (voice))
Richard Wilson's poster
Richard Wilson (Mr. Capulet)
Julio Bonet's poster
Julio Bonet (Mankini Gnome (voice))
Julia Braams's poster
Julia Braams (Stone Fish (voice))
James Daniel Wilson's poster
James Daniel Wilson (Fishing Gnome (voice))
Tim Bentinck's poster
Tim Bentinck (Conjoined Gnome Left (voice))
Neil McCaul's poster
Neil McCaul (Conjoined Gnome Right (voice))
Kelly Asbury's poster
Kelly Asbury (Red Good Gnomes (voice))