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Meryl Streep's poster
Meryl Streep (Margaret Thatcher)
Anthony Stewart Head's poster
Anthony Stewart Head (Geoffrey Howe)
Harry Lloyd's poster
Harry Lloyd (Young Denis Thatcher)
Jim Broadbent's poster
Jim Broadbent (Denis Thatcher)
Susan Brown's poster
Susan Brown (June)
Alice da Cunha's poster
Alice da Cunha (Cleaner)
Phoebe Waller-Bridge's poster
Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Susie)
Iain Glen's poster
Iain Glen (Alfred Roberts)
Alexandra Roach's poster
Alexandra Roach (Young Margaret Thatcher)
Victoria Bewick's poster
Victoria Bewick (Muriel Roberts)
Olivia Colman's poster
Olivia Colman (Carol Thatcher)
Eloise Webb's poster
Eloise Webb (Young Carol)
Sylvestra Le Touzel's poster
Sylvestra Le Touzel (Hostess 1949)
Michael Culkin's poster
Michael Culkin (Host 1949)
Michael Cochrane's poster
Michael Cochrane (William)
Nicholas Farrell's poster
Nicholas Farrell (Airey Neave)
John Sessions's poster
John Sessions (Edward Heath)
David Westhead's poster
David Westhead (Shadow Minister)
Julian Wadham's poster
Julian Wadham (Francis Pym)
Richard E. Grant's poster
Richard E. Grant (Michael Heseltine)
Roger Allam's poster
Roger Allam (Gordon Reece)
Stephen Boxer's poster
Stephen Boxer (Cabinet Ministers)
Simon Chandler's poster
Simon Chandler (Cabinet Ministers)
Michael Pennington's poster
Michael Pennington (Michael Foot)
Andrew Havill's poster
Andrew Havill (Cabinet Ministers)
Matthew Marsh's poster
Matthew Marsh (Alexander Haig)
Nicholas Jones's poster
Nicholas Jones (Admiral Leach)
David Rintoul's poster
David Rintoul (Admiral Fieldhouse)
Pip Torrens's poster
Pip Torrens (Ian Gilmour)
Michael Maloney's poster
Michael Maloney (Doctor)
Robert Portal's poster
Robert Portal (Grey Suited Guest 1949)
Angela Curran's poster
Angela Curran (Crawfie)
David Cann's poster
David Cann (TV Interviewer)