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Al Pacino's poster
Al Pacino (Jack Gramm)
Alicia Witt's poster
Alicia Witt (Kim Cummings)
Leelee Sobieski's poster
Leelee Sobieski (Lauren Douglas)
Amy Brenneman's poster
Amy Brenneman (Shelly Barnes)
William Forsythe's poster
William Forsythe (Frank Parks)
Deborah Kara Unger's poster
Deborah Kara Unger (Carol)
Ben McKenzie's poster
Ben McKenzie (Mike Stemp)
Neal McDonough's poster
Neal McDonough (Jon Forster)
Leah Cairns's poster
Leah Cairns (Sara Pollard)
Stephen Moyer's poster
Stephen Moyer (Guy LaForge)
Christopher Redman's poster
Christopher Redman (Jeremy Guber)
Paul Campbell's poster
Paul Campbell (Albert Jackson)
Victoria Tennant's poster
Victoria Tennant (Kate)
Tim Perez's poster
Tim Perez (Cabbie #1)
Bob Stephenson's poster
Bob Stephenson (Jury Foreman)
Brendan Fletcher's poster
Brendan Fletcher (Johnny D'Franco)
Mike Dopud's poster
Mike Dopud (Detective)
Philip Moon's poster
Philip Moon (The Prosecutor)
Marcus Hondro's poster
Marcus Hondro (Cabbie #2)
Michael Eklund's poster
Michael Eklund (J.T. Rycker)