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Jason Ritter's poster
Jason Ritter (Dipper Pines (voice))
Kristen Schaal's poster
Kristen Schaal (Mabel Pines (voice))
Alex Hirsch's poster
Alex Hirsch (Grunkle Stan / Soos / Bill Cipher / Fiddleford Hadron "Old Man" McGucket / Additional Voices (voice))
J.K. Simmons's poster
J.K. Simmons (Ford Pines (voice))
Louis C.K.'s poster
Louis C.K. (The Horrifying Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity (voice))
Danielle Fishel's poster
Danielle Fishel (Pyronica (voice))
Patrick McHale's poster
Patrick McHale (Hectorgon (voice))
Will Forte's poster
Will Forte (Tyler the Cute Biker (voice))
Andy Merrill's poster
Andy Merrill (Teeth (voice))
Brian Bloom's poster
Brian Bloom (Rumble McSkirmish (voice))
Jackie Buscarino's poster
Jackie Buscarino (Pacifica Northwest (voice))
Linda Cardellini's poster
Linda Cardellini (Wendy Corduroy (voice))
Jennifer Coolidge's poster
Jennifer Coolidge (Lazy Susan (voice))
John DiMaggio's poster
John DiMaggio (Manly Dan / Additional Voices (voice))
Carl Faruolo's poster
Carl Faruolo (Grenda (voice))
Nathan Fillion's poster
Nathan Fillion (Preston Northwest (voice))
Kevin Michael Richardson's poster
Kevin Michael Richardson (Sheriff Blubs / Ghost-Eyes / Additional Voices (voice))
Justin Roiland's poster
Justin Roiland (Blendin Blandin (voice))
Gregg Turkington's poster
Gregg Turkington (Toby Determined (voice))
Thurop Van Orman's poster
Thurop Van Orman (Li'l Gideon (voice))
Dave Wittenberg's poster
Dave Wittenberg (Time Baby / Lolph (voice))
Niki Yang's poster
Niki Yang (Candy Chiu (voice))
Matt Chapman's poster
Matt Chapman (Abuelita / Sprott / 8-Ball / Additional Voices (voice))
Kari Wahlgren's poster
Kari Wahlgren (Shandra Jimenez / Priscilla Northwest / Additional Voices (voice))
Alfred Molina's poster
Alfred Molina (Multi-Bear (voice))
Eric Bauza's poster
Eric Bauza (Ernesto (voice))
Jon Stewart's poster
Jon Stewart (Judge Kitty Kitty Meow Meow Face-Shwartstein (voice))
Greg Cipes's poster
Greg Cipes (Craz (voice))
Jessica DiCicco's poster
Jessica DiCicco (Tambry / Mean Girl (voice))
John Roberts's poster
John Roberts (Xyler (voice))
Corey Burton's poster
Corey Burton (Keyhole / Additional Voices (voice))
Dee Bradley Baker's poster
Dee Bradley Baker (Waddles (voice, uncredited))
Michael Rianda's poster
Michael Rianda (Lee (voice) (uncredited))
Cecil Baldwin's poster
Cecil Baldwin (Tad Strange (voice))
Kurt Braunohler's poster
Kurt Braunohler (Greg Valentino (voice))
Keith Ferguson's poster
Keith Ferguson (Deputy Durland (voice))
Larry King's poster
Larry King (Wax Larry King (voice))
Kyle MacLachlan's poster
Kyle MacLachlan (Bus Driver (voice))
T.J. Miller's poster
T.J. Miller (Robbie Valentino (voice))
Kimberly Mooney's poster
Kimberly Mooney (Janice Valentino (voice))
Stephen Root's poster
Stephen Root (Bud Gleeful (voice))