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Benjamin Walker's poster
Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln)
Dominic Cooper's poster
Dominic Cooper (Henry Sturgess)
Anthony Mackie's poster
Anthony Mackie (Will Johnson)
Mary Elizabeth Winstead's poster
Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Mary Todd Lincoln)
Rufus Sewell's poster
Rufus Sewell (Adam)
John Rothman's poster
John Rothman (Jefferson Davis)
Marton Csokas's poster
Marton Csokas (Jack Barts)
Alex Lombard's poster
Alex Lombard (Gabrielle)
Jimmi Simpson's poster
Jimmi Simpson (Joshua Speed)
Teri Wyble's poster
Teri Wyble (Henry's Wife)
Cameron M. Brown's poster
Cameron M. Brown (Willie Lincoln)
Frank Brennan's poster
Frank Brennan (Jeb Nolan)
John Neisler's poster
John Neisler (Rev. Charles Dresser)
Meade Patton's poster
Meade Patton (Nancy Lincoln's Doctor)
Simeon Sjöberg's poster
Simeon Sjöberg (Edward's Dancer #16)
James Rawlings's poster
James Rawlings (Congress Man)
Alan Tudyk's poster
Alan Tudyk (Stephen A. Douglas)
Robin McLeavy's poster
Robin McLeavy (Nancy Hanks Lincoln)
Erin Wasson's poster
Erin Wasson (Vadoma)
Jaqueline Fleming's poster
Jaqueline Fleming (Harriet Tubman)
Laura Cayouette's poster
Laura Cayouette (Vadoma Maid)
Joseph Mawle's poster
Joseph Mawle (Thomas Lincoln)
Lux Haney-Jardine's poster
Lux Haney-Jardine (Young Abraham Lincoln)
Curtis Harris's poster
Curtis Harris (Young Will)
Bill Martin Williams's poster
Bill Martin Williams (RR Pastor)
Aaron Toney's poster
Aaron Toney (Will's Brother)
Lawrence Turner's poster
Lawrence Turner (Pharmacist)
Earl Maddox's poster
Earl Maddox (Angry Resident)
Jake La Botz's poster
Jake La Botz (Bull Run Private)
Dane Rhodes's poster
Dane Rhodes (Captain Slash)
Alex Bulat's poster
Alex Bulat (Typographer)
Jillian Batherson's poster
Jillian Batherson (Dancer)
Chelsea Bruland's poster
Chelsea Bruland (Dancer)
Kristin Daniel's poster
Kristin Daniel (Dancer)
Jennifer Schemke's poster
Jennifer Schemke (Dancer)
Raevin Stinson's poster
Raevin Stinson (Prostitute)