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Jackie Chan's poster
Jackie Chan (Huang Xing / Huang Keqiang)
Li Bingbing's poster
Li Bingbing (Xu Zonghan)
Joan Chen's poster
Joan Chen (Longyu)
Jaycee Chan's poster
Jaycee Chan (Zhang Zhenwu)
Sun Chun's poster
Sun Chun (General Yuan Shikai)
Jiang Wu's poster
Jiang Wu (General Li Yuanhong)
Hu Ge's poster
Hu Ge (Lin JueMin)
Ning Jing's poster
Ning Jing (Qiu Jin)
Winston Chao's poster
Winston Chao (Sun Yat-sen)
Yu Shaoqun's poster
Yu Shaoqun (Wang Jingwei)
Dennis To Yue-Hong's poster
Dennis To Yue-Hong (Xiong Bingkun)
Huang Zhizhong's poster
Huang Zhizhong (Situ Meitang)
Mei Ting's poster
Mei Ting (Chen Yiying)
Simon Dutton's poster
Simon Dutton (John Newell Jordan)
James Lee Guy's poster
James Lee Guy (Mr. Thompson)
Li Dongxue's poster
Li Dongxue (Zai Feng)
Wang Ziwen's poster
Wang Ziwen (Tang Manrou)
Wei Zongwan's poster
Wei Zongwan (Yi Xin)
Xie Gang's poster
Xie Gang (Tang Shaoyi)
Tao Zeru's poster
Tao Zeru (Tang Weiyong)
Xing Jiadong's poster
Xing Jiadong (Song Jiaoren)
Wang Lu-Yao's poster
Wang Lu-Yao (Yuan's Concubine)