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Michael Douglas's poster
Michael Douglas (Nick)
Andy García's poster
Andy García (Charlie)
Kate Capshaw's poster
Kate Capshaw (Joyce)
Shigeru Kôyama's poster
Shigeru Kôyama (Ohashi)
John Spencer's poster
John Spencer (Oliver)
Ken Takakura's poster
Ken Takakura (Masahiro)
Jun Kunimura's poster
Jun Kunimura (Yashimoto)
Luis Guzmán's poster
Luis Guzmán (Frankie)
John Costelloe's poster
John Costelloe (The Kid)
Stephen Root's poster
Stephen Root (Berg)
Richard Riehle's poster
Richard Riehle (Crown)
Bruce Katzman's poster
Bruce Katzman (Yudell)
Tim Kelleher's poster
Tim Kelleher (Bobby)
Guts Ishimatsu's poster
Guts Ishimatsu (Katayama)
Yûya Uchida's poster
Yûya Uchida (Nashida)
Tomisaburo Wakayama's poster
Tomisaburo Wakayama (Sugai)
Miyuki Ono's poster
Miyuki Ono (Miyuki)
Edmund Ikeda's poster
Edmund Ikeda (Japanese Businessman)
Tomo Nagasue's poster
Tomo Nagasue (Japanese Translator)
Clem Caserta's poster
Clem Caserta (Abolofia)
George Kyle's poster
George Kyle (Farentino)
Vondie Curtis-Hall's poster
Vondie Curtis-Hall (Detective)
Joe Perce's poster
Joe Perce (Detective)
Louis Cantarini's poster
Louis Cantarini (Detective)
Doug Yasuda's poster
Doug Yasuda (Japanese / American Translator)
Toshio Sato's poster
Toshio Sato (Japanese Embassy Official)
Roy K. Ogata's poster
Roy K. Ogata (Sato's Man)
Shirô Oishi's poster
Shirô Oishi (Sato's Man)
Professor Toru Tanaka's poster
Professor Toru Tanaka (Sugai's Man)
Rikiya Yasuoka's poster
Rikiya Yasuoka (Sugai's Man)
Jôji Shimaki's poster
Jôji Shimaki (Sugai's Man)
Gorô Sasa's poster
Gorô Sasa (Ohashi's Man)
Taro Ibuki's poster
Taro Ibuki (Ohashi's Man)
Daisuke Awaji's poster
Daisuke Awaji (Ohashi's Man)
Keone Young's poster
Keone Young (Karaoke Singer)
Jim Ishida's poster
Jim Ishida (Escort Officer)
Shôtarô Hayashi's poster
Shôtarô Hayashi (Mediator)
Toshishiro Obata's poster
Toshishiro Obata (Mediator)
Michiko Tsushima's poster
Michiko Tsushima (Noodle Woman)
Linda Gillen's poster
Linda Gillen (Peggy)
John Gotay's poster
John Gotay (Danny)
Matthew Porac's poster
Matthew Porac (Patrick)
Ken Kensei's poster
Ken Kensei (Masahiro's Son)
Josip Elic's poster
Josip Elic (Joe, the Bartender)
Mitchell Bahr's poster
Mitchell Bahr (Friend)
Ken Enomoto's poster
Ken Enomoto (Detective)
Nathan Jung's poster
Nathan Jung (Sato's Yakuza Enforcer)
Al Leong's poster
Al Leong (Sato's Yakuza Assassin)
Bruce Locke's poster
Bruce Locke (Sato's Man)
Chris Nelson Norris's poster
Chris Nelson Norris (Motorcyclist)
Dennis Y. Takeda's poster
Dennis Y. Takeda (Newspaper Reporter)
Celia Xavier's poster
Celia Xavier (Nori, Bar Hostess)
Yûsaku Matsuda's poster
Yûsaku Matsuda (Sato)