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Emma Stone's poster
Emma Stone (Olive Penderghast)
Penn Badgley's poster
Penn Badgley (Woodchuck Todd)
Amanda Bynes's poster
Amanda Bynes (Marianne)
Dan Byrd's poster
Dan Byrd (Brandon)
Thomas Haden Church's poster
Thomas Haden Church (Mr. Griffith)
Patricia Clarkson's poster
Patricia Clarkson (Rosemary Penderghast)
Cam Gigandet's poster
Cam Gigandet (Micah)
Lisa Kudrow's poster
Lisa Kudrow (Mrs. Griffith)
Malcolm McDowell's poster
Malcolm McDowell (Principal Gibbons)
Aly Michalka's poster
Aly Michalka (Rhiannon)
Stanley Tucci's poster
Stanley Tucci (Dill Penderghast)
Fred Armisen's poster
Fred Armisen (Pastor)
Juliette Goglia's poster
Juliette Goglia (Eighth Grade Olive)
Jake Sandvig's poster
Jake Sandvig (Anson)
Morgan Rusler's poster
Morgan Rusler (Mr. Abernathy)
Nikki Tyler-Flynn's poster
Nikki Tyler-Flynn (Mrs. Abernathy)
Braeden Lemasters's poster
Braeden Lemasters (Eighth Grade Kid)
Mahaley Manning's poster
Mahaley Manning (Nina)
Jameson Moss's poster
Jameson Moss (Evan)
Blake Hood's poster
Blake Hood (Kennedy Peters-Booth)
Bryce Clyde Jenkins's poster
Bryce Clyde Jenkins (Chip)
Neil Soni's poster
Neil Soni (Zia)
Stacey Travis's poster
Stacey Travis (Marianne's Mom)
Bonnie Burroughs's poster
Bonnie Burroughs (Micah's Mom)
Eddie Applegate's poster
Eddie Applegate (Micah's Grandfather)
Norma Michaels's poster
Norma Michaels (Micah's Grandmother)
Yolanda Snowball's poster
Yolanda Snowball (Receptionist)
Andrew Fleming's poster
Andrew Fleming (Doctor)
Johanna Braddy's poster
Johanna Braddy (Melody Bostic)
David Gore's poster
David Gore (Pre-Teen Kid)
Lalaine's poster
Lalaine (Gossipy Girl)
D'Anthony Palms's poster
D'Anthony Palms (Josh Wisniewski)
Ryan Parker's poster
Ryan Parker (Kurt)
Rawson Thurber's poster
Rawson Thurber (Quiznos Guy)
Chris De Lorenzo's poster
Chris De Lorenzo (Spectator In The Gym)
Jillian Johnston's poster
Jillian Johnston (Server)
Nancy Karr's poster
Nancy Karr (Singing Server)
Clay Black's poster
Clay Black (Singing Server)
Brad Etheridge's poster
Brad Etheridge (Singing Server)
Veerta Motiani's poster
Veerta Motiani (Singing Server)
Michael Strauss's poster
Michael Strauss (Singing Server)
Lance Kerfuffle's poster
Lance Kerfuffle (Clerk)
Drew Koles's poster
Drew Koles (Boy)
Max Crumm's poster
Max Crumm (Pontius)
Jeremiah Hu's poster
Jeremiah Hu (Judas)
Jessica Jann's poster
Jessica Jann (Jezebel)
Danni Katz's poster
Danni Katz (Harlot)
Jason Kropik's poster
Jason Kropik (Mortimer)
Yoshi Sudarso's poster
Yoshi Sudarso (Eric Ling (uncredited))
Bobby C. King's poster
Bobby C. King (Man Watching Skateboarders (uncredited))
Micah Van Hove's poster
Micah Van Hove (Stoner (uncredited))
Julianne Celeste's poster
Julianne Celeste (Gossip Girl Jogger (uncredited))