Schedule of Malayalam language programs

Find schedule of Malayalam programs on tv. Programs are sorted in increasing order of start time.

Punyam Aham (2010)

Punyam Aham is set in a small village in northern Kerala. The protagonist is Narayan Unni (Prithviraj Sukumaran), a young man with a Brahmin father and low-caste mother, who separated, leaving the mo


Aan Piranna Veedu is a Malayalam comedy drama film written and directed by K. P. Sunil. It stars Kailash and Aswathy Ashok in the lead roles, with Innocent, Vinaya Prasad and Suraj Venjaramoodu doing

News At 7 PM

The host presents the latest updates on politics, business, entertainment, science, sports and current events from across the world.

Kayyethum Dhoorath

The relationship between two siblings goes through highs and lows due to their in-laws. Later, their children fall in love with each other.

Chakka Pazham

Jackfruit is a sweet tropical fruit which, in addition to its nutritious qualities, can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes.

FIR Bulletin

A look at the latest news, updates and developments across various states in India.

Bumper Chiri Agosham

Bumper Chiri Agosham Repeat - Sat - Sun 10:30 pm, E01.