Schedule of Kannada language programs

Find schedule of Kannada programs on tv. Programs are sorted in increasing order of start time.

Tripura Sundari

Amrapali from Gandharva loka is on a mission to find the prince of that place. However, she ends up in a family and her only hope is the scion, Pradyumna.

Majaa Bharatha

The story revolves around Laxmi who struggles to adjust with her arrogant husband and in-laws'.

Shravani Subramanya (2013)

When Shravani finds out that her boyfriend, Sudeep, is a thug, she attempts to escape from his clutches. Subramanya, a budding singer, tries to save her from Sudeep.

Anupama - Sarvagunaa Sampanne

Anupamaa loves her husband and her family but she does not get the respect she deserves. Later, when she discovers her husband's affair, she decides to live life on her own terms.

Lakshmi Nivasa

Movie starring Ramgopal, Balakrishna, Narasimharaju and is directed by K. S. R. Das.

Bombat Bhojana

The host takes the viewers to different areas and restaurants in India to share the experience of trying a variety of dishes prepared by local chefs. S02 E170.