Schedule of Bengali language programs

Find schedule of Bengali programs on tv. Programs are sorted in increasing order of start time.

Sotoroi September

Sotoroi September (Premiere)

Sotoroi September

Sotoroi September (Premiere)

Nut Boltu

Nut and Boltu, two young boys who are good friends, get involved in many comical adventures.

Saathi (2022)

A young woman leads her life happily in an orphanage until she crosses paths with a prominent lawyer who proposes a contractual marriage in return for helping her get through a difficult situation

Bou Katha Kao

The series revolves around Mouri, a village girl, forcefully married to Nikhil, a rich man from the city. It traces her journey to seek acceptance from Nikhil's affluent and modern family.

Police Files

The host narrates several dramatised real-life crime cases revolving around harassment, kidnapping and murder while also presenting re-enactments.