Schedule of Odia language programs

Find schedule of Odia programs on tv. Programs are sorted in increasing order of start time.

Suna Jhia

Suna Jhia Repeat - Mon - Tue 11:00 pm, E01.

Mangula Ra Bhagya

Sparks fly when a kind young man crosses paths with a beautiful woman. However, in order to achieve their happiness, they must first overcome numerous trials and tribulations.

Radha Krishna (2018)

Lord Krishna and Radha share pure love for one another but things take a turn when Radha receives a curse that she will be separated from him.

Kiea Para Kiea Apanara (2022)

As she progresses from being the house help to the daughter-in-law of a family, a simpleton deals with harsh treatment and overcomes numerous obstacles.

Aparajita (2022)

After discovering several occult signs in a village, a man stumbles upon an evil cult. However, things take a turn when a mysterious deity takes control of their mind.