Schedule of Marathi language programs

Find schedule of Marathi programs on tv. Programs are sorted in increasing order of start time.

Karayla Gelo Ek

Friends Mane, Sathe and Kale decide to go on a road trip to Lonavla, where they meet a beautiful girl called Riya. Seeing Kale pursue her, the other two also join in, spoiling his plans.

Malini Iyer (2004)

Malini Iyer is an Indian comedy television series aired on Sahara One, starring Indian actress, Sridevi in the main lead. The series is produced by the Bollywood producer as well as Sridevi's husband, Boney Kapoor, and directed by comedy-actor, Satish Kaushik. The series premiered on January 19, 2004, and aired every Monday & Tuesday at 9pm IST.

Jeev Majha Guntala

Jeev Majha Guntala Repeat - Mon - Fri 11:30 pm, E01.

Phulala Sugandh Maticha

A young woman aspiring to be an IPS officer ends up with a man who runs a sweet shop. Trouble ensues when the families are made aware of the educational qualifications of the couple.

Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra Hasyacha Chukar

Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra Hasyacha Chukar Repeat - Sun 11:16 pm, E341.

Kesariya Balam

Maha Eps: Rukmini, a young woman hailing from a poor Rajput family, struggles through her life and faces various hurdles due to the scars left by burns on her face.

Tuzech Mi Geet Gaat Aahe (2022)

A young girl navigates through various experiences and challenges as she strives to fulfil her ultimate dream of becoming a successful singer.