Schedule of Marathi language programs

Find schedule of Marathi programs on tv. Programs are sorted in increasing order of start time.

Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra

Special Eps: Professional comedians from different regions of Maharashtra perform in a series of hilarious acts and compete with one another in order to entertain the audiences and win the title. E54.

Sonyachi Pawla

After getting married unexpectedly, Bhagyashree faces problems caused by her in-laws. However, her husband comes to her rescue. E03.

Rang Maza Vegla

Young Gargi, a US born and brought up girl comes to India after 18 years to reunite with her grandparents. Soon the family is struck with crisis and Gargi is duty-bound to take up responsibilities.

Pahile Na Me Tula

Manasi, a young woman, works as a secretary for Samarpratap, a business tycoon. She loves Aniket, a driver, but Samarpratap's obsession with her poses a hurdle in her love life.

Bayko Ashi Havvi

Vibhas Rajeshirke considers women to be inferior and believes that their place is in the kitchen and their role is to look after children. His life takes a turn after he gets married. E04.