Schedule of Marathi language programs

Find schedule of Marathi programs on tv. Programs are sorted in increasing order of start time.

5-Mar-2021 7:30 AM

Shubhamangal Online

Shantanu meets Sharvari online and the two quickly fall in love. However, their plan to get married and fulfil his grandmother's wishes faces a roadblock when the lockdown is suddenly announced.

5-Mar-2021 7:30 AM

Rang Maza Vegla

Young Gargi, a US born and brought up girl comes to India after 18 years to reunite with her grandparents. Soon the family is struck with crisis and Gargi is duty-bound to take up responsibilities.

5-Mar-2021 7:30 AM

Tuza Maza Jamtay

Shubbu brings his wife Ashu to her new house and she is surprised. However, things change when Pammi arrives and gives Ashu to keep her husband in control.

5-Mar-2021 7:30 AM

Karbhari Laybhari

A politician with staunch beliefs must face several obstacles that impede his path while trying to maintain a balance between his personal and professional life.

5-Mar-2021 8:00 AM

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte!

Arundhati Deshmukh, a caring housewife and mother, dedicates her life to look after the needs of her family. However, her loved ones often take her modesty for granted.