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Sat 7:30 PM, 12 Jun 2021 / Republic TV

Republic Special

The Interview: Lt Gen YK Joshi, Northern Command, GOC-In-C

Sat 3:00 PM, 12 Jun 2021 / BBC World

Imagine...Tacita Dean

Alan Yentob joins Tacita Dean in her studio in Berlin to discover how the city has infused her work, and visits her in LA where she is completing an hour-long film inspired by her older sister Antigone and the Greek myth which bears her name. Her work is poetic, elegiac, and thought-provoking. It is also the story of her crusade to preserve the medium which inspires her: film.

Thu 7:00 PM, 10 Jun 2021 / BBC World

Sat 7:40 PM, 5 Jun 2021 / BBC World

Afghanistan: Policing the Police

The host sheds light on the attempts of the Afghan police to make their force diverse and how their progress could be at risk.

Sat 7:30 PM, 5 Jun 2021 / Republic TV

Sat 3:00 PM, 5 Jun 2021 / BBC World

Kirsty Wark Meets Artist Bridget Riley

Artist Bridget Riley and journalist Kirsty Wark engage in a heartfelt conversation where the former talks about her childhood and the experiences that shaped her life and career.

Sat 12:30 PM, 5 Jun 2021 / Republic TV

Sat 11:00 PM, 29 May 2021 / BBC World

Detained In America

The filmmaker looks into the migrant detention facilities in the USA as interviews with staff and children reveal allegations of neglect, overcrowding and cold temperatures among other issues.

Sat 7:40 PM, 29 May 2021 / BBC World

Witnessing India's Covid Crisis

The host presents the latest news updates and developments pertaining to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

Sat 6:00 PM, 29 May 2021 / BBC World

Cannabis: America's 'green Gold Rush'

Host Jessica Lussenhop explores the harsh realities of how legalising marijuana in more US states has made a drastic impact on Navajo and Chinese communities.

Sat 3:00 PM, 29 May 2021 / BBC World

George Floyd: One Year On

On the week that marks a year since George Floyd was killed, news presenters Clive Myrie and Adina Campbell give an in-depth report on the lasting global impact of his death.

Sat 12:30 PM, 29 May 2021 / Republic TV