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Last Updated: Jun 20, 2024 6:59 PM ()

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Thu 9:30 AM, 20 Jun 2024 / Shemaroo TV

Thu 3:40 AM, 20 Jun 2024 / Star Jalsha Movies

Alibaba (1937)

Based on the 'Arabian Nights', this film tells of the Baghdadi woodcutter Alibaba (M. Bose) and his magic 'Open Sesame' formula; of the hero's jealous brother Kasim and the slave girl Marjina (S. Bose). The film adapts the 1897 play, giving it a Hollywood-derived exotic flavour. An improvised 'modern' dance is inserted. The slow, mannered acting with the frontally framed tableau shots are enlivened by the dance scenes, especially the Marjina-Abdallah sequence.

Mon 4:00 PM, 17 Jun 2024 / DD National

Mubarak Eid-Ul-Adha

Eid al-Adha marks the end of Hajj and symbolises Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son to Allah. Muslims across the globe sacrifice cattle as a reminder of Ibrahim's deference to Allah.

Mon 7:00 AM, 17 Jun 2024 / DD National

Common Yoga Protocol

International Day of Yoga 2024: A learned yoga expert sheds light on the common protocol to be followed while practising the meditation-based exercise.

Wed 11:00 AM, 12 Jun 2024 / DD National

Cheer For Bharat

The hosts interact with the public and seek their insights and expectations concerning the 2023 Cricket World Cup while talented artists showcase their skills.

Sat 8:30 PM, 1 Jun 2024 / MTV

Fri 10:00 AM, 31 May 2024 / Star Bharat

Karmadhikari Shanidev

Shani, the deity of karma, shapes life's ambition, sorrow and authority.

Thu 6:00 AM, 30 May 2024 / DD National

Sringaar - Aarti Of Ram Lalla Live

Hindu priests perform sacred rituals while chanting holy hymns to seek the divine blessings of Balak Ram at the Ram Mandir, live.

Sun 9:00 AM, 26 May 2024 / DD National

Sun 8:00 PM, 19 May 2024 / DD National

Article 370

After an incident in Kashmir, an intelligence agent is selected for a secret mission by the PM's joint secretary to contain terrorism by rendering Article 370 ineffective.

Thu 1:16 AM, 9 May 2024 / &Xplor HD

Chale Chalo: The Lunacy Of Film Making (2004)

The story of making "Lagaan," one of the millennium's seminal Indian films, is told from the point of view of production team member Satyajit Bhatkal.

Tue 11:00 AM, 7 May 2024 / DD National