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Fri, 5:00 AM 19 Apr

Uncontrollably Fond

Circumstances lead to the separation of two childhood sweethearts, Shin and Noh. Years later, when Shin becomes an actor and Noh becomes a documentary producer, fate decides to bring them closer.

Fri, 6:00 AM 19 Apr


Joong Won thinks Gong Sil is stalking Hye Sung. Actually she is attending Hye Sung's wedding to convey a message from his dead ex-girlfriend to him.

Fri, 7:00 AM 19 Apr

Look Who's Talking (1989)

Mollie is a single working mother who's out to find the perfect father for her child. Her baby, Mikey, prefers James, a cab driver turned babysitter who has what it takes to make them both happy. But

Fri, 8:00 AM 19 Apr

The Night Shift (2017)

A security guard (Vincent Rivera) gets hired to guard an empty mansion until the owner will arrive in the morning. Little does he know, he has been set up as a human sacrifice to placate ...

Fri, 9:00 AM 19 Apr

Shark Tank Australia (2015)

A panel of five of Australia’s most successful and credible business people are ready to judge the products and concepts pitched to them by ordinary Australians. Smart, shrewd and unapologetically direct, these multi-millionaire titans of industry will decide whether they are willing to put their own dollars on the line to invest in the products and ideas presented to them in the Shark Tank.

Fri, 10:00 AM 19 Apr

Better Call Saul

The trials and tribulations of criminal lawyer, Jimmy McGill, in the time leading up to establishing his strip-mall law office in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Fri, 11:00 AM 19 Apr

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

The names of just few Hwarangs are recorded in history. Not many people these days truly know about Hwarangs. How did they start? How did beautiful looking young men become at the center of unifying old Korea's Three Kingdoms? To these countless questions

Fri, 5:00 PM 19 Apr

Chesapeake Shores (2016)

A divorced mom deals with an old romance and complicated family issues when she returns to her hometown with her twin daughters.

Fri, 6:00 PM 19 Apr

Kevin Can Wait (1983)

Jim Peterson invites several people home for dinner after a church service. One of them is a college football player, the other is a man named David. David asks Jim if he can invite a grubby mechanic named Kevin to come with him, and Jim reluctantly agrees. What follows is a consistent pattern of Jim ignoring Kevin, in favor of the more wealthy, attractive, and talented people around him. What Jim doesn't know that David is an angel, sent by God. By various means, David shows Jim how to be a fri

Fri, 11:00 PM 19 Apr

Men At Work (1990)

Two garbage men find the body of a city councilman in a trash can on their route. With help from a supervisor, the duo must solve the case and find the man's killer while hiding the body from the cops.

Sat, 1:00 AM 20 Apr

Extraordinary You

Dan-oh's life turns upside down when she realises that she is a character in a comic book with a mundane plot line. However, things take a turn when she decides to change her destiny.

Sat, 1:55 AM 20 Apr

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