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Mangala Gowri Maduve

A woman, who was a victim of child marriage, rises against orthodox traditions and deals with the trials and tribulations life throws at her.

Idu Entha Premavayya

Arun decides to marry a rich woman, Apoorva, to live a luxurious life but is forced to separate from her after she sees his greedy nature. Soon, he tries to patch things up with her.

Dharam Katha

A religious leader delivers a discourse on Hinduism and the mythology revolving around it in front of a massive crowd of devotees.


Rajeshwari owns a factory whose waste is disposed off in the village lake. Her faithful servant's son Veeranna files a complaint against her. Rajeshwari wants him out of the village.

Om Namah Shivay

Lord Shiva is a powerful Hindu god, part of the Hindu trinity which also includes Brahma and Vishnu, and whose life played a major role in shaping up the universe.

Surya Puran

Various stories on the Sun God and the human incarnation of the Sun God on Earth impart spiritual knowledge to the viewers.


The story revolves around A Girl named Mahathi and Shivaramu, who is a local money lender and very rugged, He also does work for the good of society, Their Love will Form the rest of the crux of this

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