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Sun 12:00 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Big Ganga

Dulhin Ganga Paar Ke

A man looks for love while he tries to protect his daughter and her mother from a group of gangsters.

Sun 10:00 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Big Ganga

Naari Ustav

The host sheds light on an exclusive exhibition for women that celebrates female entrepreneurs and showcases the latest trends in fashion and jewellery.

Sun 8:30 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Big Ganga

Ganga Utsav Ganga Dusshera Special

Hindu devotees gather to celebrate the descent of the Ganges from heaven to the Earth and feel connected with the Almighty.

Sun 7:00 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Big Ganga

Ganga Dussehra Special

Devotees sing a comprehensive compilation of traditional Hindu bhajans on the festival of Ganga Dussehra praising the holy river Ganges.

Tue 7:00 PM, 15 Jun 2021 / Enterr10 Rangeela

Chana Jor Garam

A love triangle between shapeshifting snakes and humans is threatened by an evil priest who wishes to use the serpent's power to feed his greed.

Sun 7:00 PM, 13 Jun 2021 / Enterr10 Rangeela

Ye Kahani Hai Laila Majnu Ki

Movie starring Akshara Singh, Pradeep Pandey, Brajesh Tripathi, Manoj Tiger, Tinu Verma and directed by Mahmood Aalam.

Sun 7:00 AM, 13 Jun 2021 / Big Ganga

Ganga Jagran

The host Pawan Singh, a popular singer and actor, presents devotional hymns at an event.

Fri 7:00 PM, 11 Jun 2021 / Enterr10 Rangeela


A shape-shifting snake couple wishes to live on earth but a tantric becomes the cause of distress in their life as he plots to separate and then capture them.

Thu 12:00 PM, 10 Jun 2021 / Big Ganga

Balamua Tohre Khatir

A soldier's wife decides to act against the evil elements in society. Soon, she finds herself in trouble when she takes on some powerful thugs.

Thu 9:00 AM, 10 Jun 2021 / Enterr10 Rangeela

Shani Jayanti

Take a look at the celebrations that take place on Lord Shani's birthday to ensure that bad omens stay away to the maximum extent.

Thu 8:00 AM, 10 Jun 2021 / Big Ganga

Teej Mahotsav

A special show on the occasion of Teej, honouring Goddess Parvati. Several women across north India observe fast on this day and pray for a blessed marital life.