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Fri 7:00 PM, 19 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

Power Play (2021)

Vijay has everything going for him – he lands a plush job and is about to marry his love. But what happens when he finds himself in the centre of a conspiracy?

Fri 5:11 PM, 19 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

Fighter Rani (2018)

Mahanati depicts the life and career of one of Telugu cinema's greatest and most iconic starlets, the first Indian female super star, Savitri.

Fri 2:33 PM, 19 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

Dillagi (1999)

Two brothers -- Ranvir and Rajvir along with their parents move to Mumbai. They endure numerous hardships, but their will to survive prevails and they succeed. Soon, their parents pass away, leaving young Rajvir in the care of Ranvir. Now wealthy beyond any means, Ranvir runs the business and Rajvir lives recklessly. When Rajvir falls in love, Ranvir arranges his marriage, but to his dismay finds out that he has arranged his brother to marry the girl he loves.

Fri 9:40 AM, 19 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

Manikarnika (2019)

Story of Rani Lakshmibai, one of the leading figures of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and her resistance to the British Rule.

Fri 6:50 AM, 19 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

Behen Hogi Teri (2017)

Owing to the condition that the girls of the neighborhood should be treated like one's own sister, Gattu works to capture Binny's heart and the approval of his community.

Fri 2:00 AM, 19 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

The Smart Hunt (2006)

Raghavan (Kamal Haasan) is an honest cop in Tamil Nadu. His wife Kayalvizhi (Kamalinee Mukerji) dies in a violent incident. Raghavan is deputized to investigate the murder of Rani, the daughter of his colleague Arokiya Raj (Prakash Raj) in a remote village in Tamil Nadu. Arokiya moves to New York after his daughter's murder.

Thu 9:14 PM, 18 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

Ghost (2019)

The story of the film follows Karan Khanna, a politician of Indian origin in the United Kingdom, who is accused of killing his wife. He tells his lawyer that a spirit committed the murder and should be tried.

Thu 5:02 PM, 18 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

The Gentlemen (2019)

American expat Mickey Pearson has built a highly profitable marijuana empire in London. When word gets out that he’s looking to cash out of the business forever it triggers plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail in an attempt to steal his domain out from under him.

Thu 2:45 PM, 18 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

Munna Michael (2017)

An expert dancer Munna who idolizes the king of pop, reluctantly tutors a gangster until their developing bond gets disrupted by their common romantic interest towards the same woman.

Thu 5:00 AM, 18 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

Blank (2019)

A suicide bomber loses his memory and has a bomb attached to his heart. It is up to the police officers to prevent this bomb from exploding.

Thu 1:30 AM, 18 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

Karle Pyaar Karle (2014)

Karle Pyaar Karle is an adrenaline gushing, action packed, edgy love story of two rebels, Kabir & Preet, playing the game of life.

Wed 8:45 PM, 17 Apr 2024 / Zee Ganga

Alone (2017)

When Chloe discovers that her new home's garden gnomes are not what they seem, she must decide between the pursuit of a desired high school life and taking up the fight against the Troggs.