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Gayathiri Mantharam

A scholar sheds light on the significance of the Gayatri Mantra, a highly revered religious recitation that is offered to the Sun deity and is an important mantra in Hinduism.

Arul Neram

Devout priests in various temples conduct sacred rituals and prayers to praise and worship various deities in the Hindu faith.

Free Ticket

The host presents a comprehensive compilation of songs and snippets from some of the most popular and trending Tamil movies. E16.

Intha Naal Iniya Naal

Suki Shivam, a motivational speaker, gives tips on how to make every day of our lives a special day.

Sangadam Theerkum Saneeswaran

Under Sandhya's bad influence, Bhadra gets into a fight with Shani and Mahadev. However, Shani still tries to protect his sister from destruction. E124.

Tamil Thai Vazhthu

The presenter sheds light on the tradition, culture and language of Tamil Nadu to create awareness about the rich heritage of the land.

Enjoying Everyday Life

Bible teacher Joyce Meyer reaches out to both Christians and non-Christians, as she illustrates how to make each day better by applying biblical principles to every activity.

Jesus Calls

Leaders of a Christian ministry deliver insightful discourses from the Holy Bible and lead the devotees in offering praise and worship to the Almighty.

Azhaganum Arunagiriyum

The host sheds light on Thiruppugazh, an anthology of 15th-century Tamil religious songs and temples dedicated to Lord Murugan.

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