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Sun 6:30 PM, 5 Feb 2023 / Zee Tamil

Super Jodi

A dance reality show where the contestants perform duet dances.

Sun 3:00 PM, 5 Feb 2023 / Star Vijay

Race Gurram (2014)

Ram and Lakshman a.k.a Lucky are brothers. Ram is a sincere guy who grows up to become an honest cop. Lucky is a happy-go-lucky guy who enjoys life. Ram and Lucky have a tom and jerry kind of fight going on. Siva Reddy is a factionist who wants to become a politician. Ram gathers evidence against Siva Reddy and Lucky unintentionally intercepts them. The rest of the story is all about the race between Lucky and Siva Reddy.

Sun 1:00 PM, 5 Feb 2023 / Zee Thirai


Movie - Maamanithan (Premiere)

Sun 9:00 AM, 5 Feb 2023 / Raj tv

Fri 4:00 PM, 3 Feb 2023 / Zee Thirai

Geethanjali (2013)

Anjali, whose sister Geeta has committed suicide, is haunted by her spirit upon her return to her mother's home. When psychologist Dr Sunny tries to help Anjali, he makes a shocking discovery.

Fri 12:30 PM, 3 Feb 2023 / Zee Thirai

Stalin (2006)

The only mission in Stalin (Chiranjeevi)'s life is to help others and the make the world a better place. It turns out that Stalin served as a Major in the Indian Army. Although a war hero, he had quit the army after a rift with the Colonel (Mukesh Rishi) transfers him to administrative division from the battlefield as a disciplinary action. His family includes mother (Sharada Urvashi) as well as his sister (Khushboo), who is not in talking terms with their mother since she got married to a Punja

Fri 11:00 AM, 3 Feb 2023 / Colors Tamil

The Rundown (2003)

When Travis, the mouthy son of a criminal, disappears in the Amazon in search of a treasured artifact, his father sends in Beck, who becomes Travis's rival for the affections of Mariana, a mysterious

Fri 10:00 AM, 3 Feb 2023 / Jaya TV

Thu 10:30 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / J Movies

Mani Magudam

Tired of the atrocities by the king of Manimagudapuram, a group of revolutionaries form their own party and decide to revolt in hopes of attaining freedom.

Wed 10:30 PM, 1 Feb 2023 / J Movies

Maaman Magal (1995)

The film is a love story between Sathyaraj and Meena. Sathyaraj and Goundmani, the best comic combos in Tamil cinema. Goundamani's nostril flaring sarcastic dialogues with Sathyaraj's carefree Coimbatore brand of humor made for the perfect twosome that never failed to tickle the funny bone. The usage of both the witty dialogues and the slapstick in right doses. If Manivannan joins them, never ceases to laugh. The story starts from Manivannan entry in film, He wants to drag down Jayachitra and he

Wed 10:30 PM, 1 Feb 2023 / J Movies

Maman Magal

A man hides his true identity from a girl in order to marry her. But she soon learns the truth and demands a divorce. The situation gets tricky when she finds out that she is pregnant.