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Sun 10:00 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Jaya TV HD

Aalayamani (1962)

Aalayamani is a tale of possessiveness and distrust towards one's partner and the eventual redemption by sacrifice. The story is an essential interplay of feelings and the shadows cast upon by darker feelings of one person and the effect it produces on himself and in his immediate circle of friends and family.

Sun 6:00 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Jaya TV HD

Thodari (2016)

A pantry boy falls in love with the touch-up girl of an actress travelling on his train, but an incident turns the train into an unstoppable force posing a threat to the passengers, and the romance.

Sun 1:30 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Jaya TV HD

Aayirathil Oruvan (2010)

This mysterious tale revolves around the daughter of a missing archaeologist, who goes in search of the missing 'Chola' tribe with her helper (Karthi Sivakumar). They embark on a journey to find a missing sacred idol belonging to the Pandyan kingdom, that was captured by their arch-enemy, Chola kingdom some 900 years ago, which ultimately leads to the discovery of existing Cholas, who are eagerly awaiting their last ray of hope, a messenger who has been foretold, would take them back to their ho

Sun 1:30 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Zee Tamil

Kalathil Santhippom

Ashok and Anand are best friends in spite of being very different. When Ashok accidentally becomes the reason for a misunderstanding in Anand's wedding procedures, he tries to fix it.

Sun 9:00 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Jaya TV HD

36 Vayadhinile (2015)

A married woman, who has set aside her dreams for the sake of her husband and daughter, rediscovers her true self and becomes an achiever.

Sun 8:00 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Zee Tamil

Thittam Poattu Thirudura Kootam

Five people team up and decide to steal the 2011 Cricket World Cup trophy which the Indian team had won after playing the final match against the Sri Lankan cricket team.

Sat 10:30 PM, 19 Jun 2021 / Zee Tamil

Soodhu Kavvum (2013)

Dass specialises in small time kidnapping and has his own set of rules. The primary and most important among them is not to get involved with influential people. Three jobless youngsters meet Dass and the four take up an assignment for a hefty sum that throws away this primary rule and end up being chased by a dreaded policeman.

Sat 8:30 PM, 19 Jun 2021 / Jaya TV HD

Thavamai Thavamirundu (2005)

The film sensitively portrays the struggles of a father whose main priority in life is the well being of his children, and who is determined to see his children grow up to become decent, successful persons.

Sat 4:30 PM, 19 Jun 2021 / Jaya TV HD

Iraivi (2016)

Three men try to overcome the problems in their lives not realising the impact their efforts are having on the women in their lives.

Sat 1:30 PM, 19 Jun 2021 / Jaya TV HD

Yennai Arindhaal (2015)

Sathyadev, who is on a career break, is forced to put on his cop shoes ones again to save Thenmozhi, a young woman who is the target of a criminal organ harvesting group, led by a ghost from his past.

Fri 9:30 PM, 18 Jun 2021 / Jaya TV HD

Vanaja Girija (1994)

Anand, a veterinarian, and Raja, a doctor, are brothers. Their father, Ramanathan, is a rich retired businessman. Vanaja and Girija lives with their mother, their father Shankar escaped when they were young because of Ramanathan. Vanaja and Girija decide to take revenge on Ramanathan by charming their sons.