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Hindi News Schedule on india television. Get Schedule of Hindi News channels on tv with poster, synopsis, genre, release date info.

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Wed, 4:28 PM / India TV

Corona Se Jung Baba Ramdev Ke Sang

The hosts talk to the spiritual leader Baba Ramdev about yoga and its applications in protecting people against COVID-19.

Wed, 4:30 PM / Zee News

Zee Special

The host presents the latest news updates and developments from across the world, pertaining to health, society, politics and finance.

Wed, 4:30 PM / Z Rajasthan News

Visesh (1999)

Trouble erupts when thieves move into Tokyo Colony which leads to a series of events.

Wed, 4:30 PM / Lokshahi

Special Feature

A special show that features important news and events from the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Wed, 4:58 PM / India TV

Muqabala (1977)

During the mid-to-late 1970s, it seemed like the entire world had caught kung fu fever in the wake of Bruce Lee’s tragic death. Film industries from around the globe tried to cash in on the kung fu craze, cranking out untold numbers of martial arts pictures. The Pakistani film industry — commonly known as Lollywood — was not immune from this trend. In 1977, Lollywood director Khalifa Saeed, along with his cast of sweaty dudes with bushy moustaches, made their contribution to cinema history in th

Wed, 5:00 PM / Republic Bharat

5 Ka Prahar

The host invites a panel of experts for a debate on various socio-political, economic and sports-related issues of national and global significance.

Wed, 5:00 PM / NDTV India

5 Ki Baat (2000)

Vijay (Vijay), having grown up in the United States, has no interest in marriage and his goal is to enjoy his youth whenever possible. His father (S. P. Balasubrahmanyam), distraught at his son's ways, seeks to marry him off to make him more responsible. His insistence makes Vijay agree to a marriage but with a unique condition - a kind of a test drive! The marriage will be for a single year initially, and at the end of the year Vijay can choose to continue or not depending on his attitude towar

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