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Sun 11:00 AM, 21 Apr 2024 / Nick Jr

Mon 3:30 PM, 15 Apr 2024 / Sonic Nickelodeon


Bentley, a dog, tries to expose Taffy, a raccoon, who enters the billionaire Mrs Muchmore's mansion in the guise of a cat.

Mon 1:31 PM, 15 Apr 2024 / Super Hungama

Ejen Ali

Ali, a lazy school boy, unwittingly becomes an MATA agent after using their prototype device IRIS, which is controlled by the neurological signals in his brain.

Sun 1:00 PM, 14 Apr 2024 / Nick

Rudra Special : Rudra Faceoff With Asteroid Magician

Rudra Special : Rudra Faceoff With Asteroid Magician

Sun 10:00 AM, 14 Apr 2024 / Hungama

Pokemon Movie: Hum Mein Dum

Movie - Pokemon Movie: Hum Mein Dum

Sun 11:30 AM, 7 Apr 2024 / Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse

Lex Luthor uses an ancient Kryptonian power to unite the supervillains and capture all superheroes except the DC Super Hero Girls. The girls then team up with the Teen Titans to save the day.

Fri 1:00 PM, 5 Apr 2024 / Super Hungama

Beyblade Generation 2 Metal Fight

Movie - Beyblade Generation 2 Metal Fight

Mon 7:00 AM, 1 Apr 2024 / Nick

Sun 2:23 PM, 31 Mar 2024 / Discovery Kids

Ekans -Takshak Ka Ashirwad

Movie - Ekans -Takshak Ka Ashirwad

Fri 12:15 PM, 29 Mar 2024 / Pogo

Chhota Bheem Maha Shaitaan Ka Mahayudh

In his quest to attain unlimited power, Shaitaan creates havoc on Earth. Bheem and his friends soon set out to fight against him and save everyone.

Mon 12:00 PM, 25 Mar 2024 / Nick

Kanha: Morpankh Samraat

Kanha, a mythical boy, embarks on different adventures while fighting off dangerous evils and living a happy life with his friends and family. India.