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Sun 10:00 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Nick

Sat 2:30 PM, 19 Jun 2021 / Nick

Golmaal Jr : Raton ke Raja

Gopal and Madhav, two teenagers, are rivals and always engage in a game of one-upmanship. They encourage their respective gangs to play pranks on each other which lands them in trouble.

Sat 2:15 PM, 19 Jun 2021 / Pogo

Masti Time With Kris Aur Flying Jatt

Bheem is an extremely brave, strong and intelligent young boy. All the children in the town are very fond of him, as he always manages to solve everyone's problems.

Sun 6:01 PM, 13 Jun 2021 / Marvel HQ

Ultimate Spider Man

Great Power: After a year of being Spider-Man, Peter Parker gets the chance of a lifetime when Nick Fury offers him an opportunity to become a real superhero. However, he needs to train with four other champions. S01 E01, USA.

Sun 5:30 PM, 13 Jun 2021 / Hungama

Sun 1:32 PM, 13 Jun 2021 / Discovery Kids

Vaanar Sena

Vaanar Sena Vs Dhoomr Manav Part 1

Sun 10:00 AM, 13 Jun 2021 / Nick

Rudra : Shakaal Chaalbaaz

Rudra, a nine-year-old boy with magic powers, attempts to use his abilities to protect the residents of Sun City from Shakaal, an evil trickster.

Sun 8:00 AM, 13 Jun 2021 / Nick

Motu patlu ke Picnic kisse

Owing to their antics, Motu and Patlu, two outlandish best friends, find themselves in the middle of hilarious situations during their picnic. India.

Sat 2:30 PM, 12 Jun 2021 / Nick

Golmaal Jr : Maal ka Golmaal

Part 1: Gopal and Madhav, two schoolboys, are rivals who often play mischievous pranks on each other, which result in epic misadventures.

Sat 1:32 PM, 12 Jun 2021 / Discovery Kids

Fukrey Boyzzz Montage BB

With a pinch of mischief and fun, a group of classmates, who are good at causing troubles in school, set an example of what friendship means to them.

Sat 1:05 PM, 12 Jun 2021 / Hungama

Doraemon Nobita In Dorabian Nights

Movie - Doraemon Nobita In Dorabian Nights