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The story focuses on a 7-year-old girl whose life changes when she’s accidentally dropped into a god-woman’s ‘hundi’ as an infant, and faces the brunt of being a blessed child. ‘Devanshi’ will focus

Shree Ramakrishna

Born into a poor family, Gadadhara Chattopadhyay embraces the spiritual life of an ascetic. He goes on to become a Hindu mystic, philosopher and one of the most revered saints of India.

Premer Aagun

Following the demise of his first wife, Raghbir is about to marry his childhood friend. However, a woman claims that he is her husband. E01.

Aparajita Apu

Apu, a young and passionate girl, wishes to break all stereotypes, become successful and make her father proud of her one day.

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