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Mon 4:00 PM, 22 Apr 2024 / Sun Bangla

Sun 3:30 PM, 21 Apr 2024 / Zee Bangla

Sun 5:00 PM, 14 Apr 2024 / Zee Bangla

Sun 5:00 PM, 14 Apr 2024 / Zee Bangla Cinema

Sat 1:00 PM, 13 Apr 2024 / Star Jalsha Movies

Shororipu 2: Jotugriho (2021)

Deputy Commissioner of Police Sharma and his detective friend Chandrakant Sen are called on to investigate the death of veteran music director Debraj Sen. Was his death of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome a mere accident? Did his third wife Megha Sen have anything to do with it?

Fri 9:00 PM, 12 Apr 2024 / Zee Bangla Cinema

Fri 2:00 PM, 12 Apr 2024 / Colors Bangla

Gharjamai (2008)

Amar Banerjee, a businessman, has two wives, Mamata and Sabitri, living in different homes. His shrewd manager Mahim Ghoshal reveals the truth to Mamata, offering to kill Sabitri if she pays him well.

Fri 12:00 PM, 12 Apr 2024 / Star Jalsha

Bou Katha Kao

The series revolves around Mouri, a village girl, forcefully married to Nikhil, a rich man from the city. It traces her journey to seek acceptance from Nikhil's affluent and modern family.

Wed 1:25 PM, 10 Apr 2024 / Star Jalsha Movies

Honeymoon (2018)

Even after being married for a year, Gitin is unable to take his wife Jayati on their honeymoon, owing to his workaholic boss Mr. Pranesh Bhattacharya. Finding the perfect opportunity, Gitin and Jayati leave for North Bengal when Bhattacharya travels to Mumbai on a four-day business trip. Much to their surprise, they bump into Pranesh, following which their hilarious escapade begins.

Mon 6:30 PM, 8 Apr 2024 / Zee Bangla


A spirited young woman crosses paths with a deceitful holy man boasting of having divine abilities whilst harbouring ill intentions and purposes.

Mon 2:00 AM, 8 Apr 2024 / Sun Bangla

Sun 2:00 PM, 7 Apr 2024 / Zee Bangla