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Khule Bolun

The host invites ordinary people from different walks of life to speak about issues and social problems that matter to them.

Meghnad Bodh Rohoshyo (2017)

A professor mysteriously vanishes, leaving behind a host of suspects, a shadowy history and a clue: the anonymous birthday gift of a Bengali classic.

Bhagya Debata (1997)

Jagdish leads an ordinary life with his wife, Savitri, but, one day, a man is murdered before his eyes and he fails to save him. He then takes up the identity of Alfred, a vigilante, to fight crime.

8/12 Binay Badal Dinesh (2022)

Based on the historical attack on Writers' Building by three Bengal Volunteers in 1930. Releasing on Indian Republic Day.

Mandira (1990)

Mandira, a professional singer who is in love with Santunu, helps Santunu and Dipa reunite when she finds out that they have a child.

Shasti (2004)

Dukhiram has an altercation with his wife that leads to him killing his wife accidently. In order to save him from prosecution, Chhidam, his younger brother, pins the blame on his wife Chandora.


A group of influential people in the society decide to use the voice of Tagari, a folk singer, for their personal interests.


Deba, a young man, decides to elope with the girl of his dreams, after rescuing her from her to-be-husband. However, they are constantly chased by a gang of hooligans.

Abujh Mon (2016)

A young couple in love faces various obstacles to their union due to pressure from their families and regional politics.

Dr Debabrata Sens Parampara Ayurved And Baidyas Pariwar

Dr Debabrata Sens Parampara Ayurved And Baidyas Pariwar E01.