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Fri 8:30 PM, 31 Mar 2023 / Gemini TV

Fri 6:00 PM, 31 Mar 2023 / Star Maa Movies

Liger - Saala Crossbreed (2022)

The journey of Liger, from Karimnagar to Mumbai, from a nobody to a competitor, in his search for recognition while navigating his weaknesses, relationships, and love life.

Fri 7:00 AM, 31 Mar 2023 / Star Maa Movies

Coronavirus (2020)

As the WHO warns the coronavirus is reaching a dangerous tipping point, watch the most up to date and comprehensive account of the extraordinary chain of events that have left the world on the edge of a pandemic.

Fri 6:30 AM, 31 Mar 2023 / Star Maa Gold

Mahesh (2016)

Mahesh, a studio photographer and owner of the studio. As the story moves on, Mahesh encounters an anonymous fight ending up with taking revenge that leads to certain realizations in his life.

Wed 8:00 PM, 29 Mar 2023 / Star Maa

Wed 3:00 PM, 29 Mar 2023 / Star Maa Movies

Orey Bammardi

When a rash racer's sister's marriage is fixed with a traffic police officer, things take a turn as past humiliations haunt them.

Wed 7:00 AM, 29 Mar 2023 / Gemini TV

Sri Sobhakruth Nama Samvathsara Ugadi Panchanga Sravanam

An astrologer makes predictions for the 12 zodiac signs based on celestial objects for the forthcoming Hindu year on the occasion of Ugadi.

Wed 1:30 AM, 29 Mar 2023 / Gemini Movies

Prema Pichollu (1983)

Prema Pichollu is a drama based movie in which, Chiranjeevi plays Ravi who is an unemployed post-graduate and in love with Prema (Radhika). Prema is a dancer in a local bar and attracts her boss Allu Ramalingayya and his friends Simham (Rao gopal Rao) and Gummadi.

Mon 1:00 PM, 27 Mar 2023 / ETV Telugu

Mon 9:00 AM, 27 Mar 2023 / ETV Plus

Sun 9:00 PM, 26 Mar 2023 / ETV Plus

Kalisundam Randi

Popular celebrities of the television industry come together to participate in several fun and engaging activities on the occasion of Ugadi.