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Bombay March 12 Poster
Bombay March 12 (2011)
1-Mar-2019 2:00 AM

The story is about Sameer (Mammootty), a sweeper with the Alapuzha Municipality, who is always on tenterhooks because he is on the police radar whenever there is trouble or an act of terror occurs. Later it is revealed that his brother-in-law Shahjahan (Unni Mukundan) was suspected to be part of the terror team that had planted bombs in Bombay in 1993 and was later killed in an encounter with the Army in Andhra Pradesh.

Chirutha Poster
Chirutha (2007)
27-Feb-2019 2:00 AM

Charan's father (Surya) witnesses 'Bhai' (Ashish Vidyarthi) murder a man so he tries to kill him and his wife. The father dies while the mother might survive, so the money to operate her requires Charan to sacrifice his freedom and go to jail on someone's behalf. 12 years later, he is in Bangkok working for a travel agency and in love with a spoilt rich brat Sanjana (Neha Sharma). She comes to Bangkok and his agency takes care of her tour. She falls for him too, but his real motive is revenge.

Jeet Poster
Jeet (1996)
26-Feb-2019 4:00 AM

Homeless and orphan Karan works as a dreaded gangster for Gajraj Choudhary in return for a fee. Gajraj heads a vast criminal empire consisting of ammunition, illicit alcohol and drugs smuggling. When Karan goes to kill a man, Prof. Sidhant Sharma, he falls in love with his daughter Kajal. When he finds that Kajal is not showing him attention he decides to follow her until she eventually begins to love him wholeheartedly. Kajal convinces Karan to give up his criminal ways which he does but the co

Kahaani Gudiya Ki...: True Story of a Woman Poster

Shortly after marriage, Gudiya's husband, Aslam, is summoned to war. After he's declared a deserter, she is married off to Feroz. But Aslam returns to claim her back.

Aakhri Muqabla Poster
Aakhri Muqabla
24-Feb-2019 11:30 PM

Dr Rajan goes into hiding after a patient dies due to his negligence. Years later, his son, a policeman, arrests him due to his association with a gangster while not knowing that he is his father.

Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya Poster
Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya (2009)
20-Feb-2019 2:00 AM

Children build a tree-house to spy on a beggar, than seek his help against a builder.

Aag Aur Chingari Poster
Aag Aur Chingari
19-Feb-2019 8:30 PM

Movie starring Shakti Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Kiran Kumar and is directed by Kanti Shah.

Babul Pyare Poster
Babul Pyare
19-Feb-2019 8:00 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Ek Angara Poster
Ek Angara
19-Feb-2019 2:00 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Do Premee Poster
Do Premee
14-Feb-2019 8:00 AM

Young Chetan Prakash and beautiful Payal are in love and would like to marry each other. Their respective fathers, Daulatram and Retired Col. Bhagwant Singh, have other plans and want them to marry the spouses of their choice. So Chetan and Payal decide to elope, and marry on the run. Bhagwant Singh advertises in the newspapers for his missing daughter, and offers a handsome reward for her return. Chetan finds a job as a chauffeur, and Payal works as a maid in a house, and they become absorbed i

Janam Kundli Poster
Janam Kundli
13-Feb-2019 12:00 PM

Kiran falls in love with Randhir Mehra and wants to marry him. However, her father tells her that Randhir's birth chart does not match with hers and coaxes her to tie the knot with Ravi Kapoor.

Aaj Ka Sultan Poster
Aaj Ka Sultan
11-Feb-2019 11:30 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.