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23-Aug-2019 6:30 AM

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Simha 2 Poster
Simha 2 (2012)
23-Aug-2019 5:23 AM

Uu... Kodathara? Ulikki Padathara?, commonly referred to as UKUP, is a 2012 Indian Telugu socio-fantasy film written and directed by Sekhar Raja, produced by Lakshmi Manchu and starring Manoj Manchu

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Rowdy Hero Poster
Rowdy Hero (2016)
23-Aug-2019 7:26 AM

A young politician finds himself in a position where he has to contest against his girlfriend, who is ambitious. Circumstances force his look-alike twin to also get involved in this political battle.


Kanchana Returns Poster
Kanchana Returns (2017)
23-Aug-2019 10:22 AM

A cop investigating the suspicious death of a Muslim finds out that his own wife has become possessed by the young man’s ghost!


Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya Poster

Jhoomri and her husband, Bhimsha, move into a new neighbourhood. Their immediate neighbours are three squabbling couples, namely Vijay and Anjali who are newly married; Appu Khote and Vimla, who are married and have 4 children; and Ravi and Meena, who are also married and have one child. With their wages unable to keep up with inflation and high cost of living, unable to pay even rent to the landlord, B.K. Kakkad, the wives decide to seek employment to augment their income, with hilarious result


Gopala Gopala Poster
Gopala Gopala (2015)
23-Aug-2019 4:49 PM

Kanneganti Gopala Rao is an atheist who owns a shop that sells Hindu idols and is survived by his wife Meenakshi and son Moksha apart from his in-laws and assistant Otthu. Once, he obstructs a holy ritual involving his family along with others conducted by Siddheswar Maharaj, a fake godman. A sudden earthquake causes a huge devastation and his shop gets completely demolished. Rao approaches his insurance company who turn him down terming it as an act of God. Left with no choice, Rao decides to s


A Aa Poster
A Aa (2018)
23-Aug-2019 7:56 PM

The aardvark has evolved to be one of a kind. You could say the same of Josh Norman.

King No. 1 Poster
King No. 1 (2009)
23-Aug-2019 10:56 PM

Takizawa prevented Japan's destruction - and then he vanished. Six months later, clues lead Saki to the Big Apple in search of her missing friend. Meanwhile, the remaining Selecao are plotting their final move. Some of them would prefer Takizawa dead and out of the way. Some might even be willing to help him achieve his goals. Unfortunately, some are prepared to destroy everything if it means claiming checkmate in Mr. Outside's puzzling game.


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