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Sony Max premieres. Find what are the newest Hindi Movie programs to watch on Sony Max channel.

Programs are sorted in the order of first shown in Sony Max channel.

Note: This is not information about world television premier or first time on indian television.

Rafta Rafta: The Speed Poster
Rafta Rafta: The Speed
20-Feb-2020 1:55 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Time Limit-36 Ghante Poster
Time Limit-36 Ghante
19-Feb-2020 4:14 AM

Three jailed convicts, Himmat, his brother Ajit, and Dilawar Khan break out of prison and take over the household of Editor Ashok Rai. The convicts will continue to hold the family hostage until their associate, Kamini contacts them in person.

Super King No. 1 Poster
Super King No. 1 (2016)
19-Feb-2020 2:03 AM

Mister 420 movie is a romantic action entertainer written and directed by S.S.Ravikumar and produced by Hari Kumar Reddy Gajjala under Saanvi Creations

iSmart Shankar Poster
iSmart Shankar (2019)
16-Feb-2020 7:55 PM

Shankar is a criminal wanted for the murder of an ex-Minister. While he doesn’t shy from killing for money, what happens when he loses something dear to him?


Robbery Poster
Robbery (1903)
15-Feb-2020 1:48 AM

The clerk at the train station is assaulted and left tied by four men, then they rob the train threatening the operator. (They) take all the money and shoot a passenger when trying to run away. A little girl discovers the clerk tied and gives notice to the sheriff, who at once goes along with his men hunting the bandits.


Sabse Bada Jigarwala Poster
Sabse Bada Jigarwala
14-Feb-2020 1:44 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Udaan Poster
Udaan (2010)
12-Feb-2020 1:33 AM

After being abandoned for eight straight years in boarding school, Rohan returns to the small industrial town of Jamshedpur and finds himself closeted with an authoritarian father and a younger half brother who he didn't even know existed. Forced to work in his father's steel factory and study engineering against his wishes, he strives to forge his own life out of his given circumstances and pursue his dream of being a writer.


Apradhi Kaun Poster
Apradhi Kaun
11-Feb-2020 1:32 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Pappu Passport Poster
Pappu Passport (2016)
10-Feb-2020 8:55 PM

A young man, on the advice of an agent, lies that he is married, to go to London. But his visa application is rejected and now, he has to follow-up with a string of lies to hide one lie.


Namaste Madam Poster
Namaste Madam
10-Feb-2020 1:30 AM

Kitty is a smart man who tries to impress Ragini, an MD of a big company. However, Kitty realises that his job to impress her is not easy as she plays mind games with him.

Nayak The Hero 3 Poster
Nayak The Hero 3 (1966)
9-Feb-2020 1:10 AM

A matinee idol is going by train to collect an acting award. On the train, he is confronted by a journalist who somewhat unwillingly starts to take his interview. Arindam, won over by Aditi's naivete, starts to disclose his past, his fears and his secrets.


Bulandi Poster
Bulandi (2000)
8-Feb-2020 1:06 AM

A noble family presides over a small town in India.