Sony Max 2 Hindi Movie Premiere (Page 1)

Sony Max 2 premieres. Find what are the newest Hindi Movie programs to watch on Sony Max 2 channel.

Programs are sorted in the order of first shown in Sony Max 2 channel.

Note: This is not information about world television premier or first time on indian television.

Meraa Dost Meraa Dushman Poster
Meraa Dost Meraa Dushman
18-Oct-2019 8:57 AM

While looting a village, Shakti, a bandit, gets wounded. He takes shelter in a villager's house and falls in love with his daughter. On his daughter's insistence, he decides to lead an honest life.

Mera Ghar Mere Bachche Poster
Mera Ghar Mere Bachche
17-Oct-2019 7:50 AM

The wife of an alcoholic is rendered homeless after he's jailed for murder. Distressed and pregnant, she bravely moves on in life. Years later, troubles find her again in the form of new accusations.

Inteqam: The Perfect Game Poster

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Uday Dhirendra Thakur, is a rogue cop, known for his relentlessness in pursuing criminals, and bringing them to justice, failing which, killing them in false encounters. It is this reputation that gets him transferred to crime detection, and counseling at the hands of Dr. Mehak...


Phir Milenge Poster
Phir Milenge (2004)
13-Oct-2019 10:30 PM

Tamanna Sahni (Shilpa Shetty) is a dedicated staff member of a top advertising agency, her ideas and designs have mainly contributed to the success of the agency. She leaves for a college reunion and meets her college sweetheart Rohit (Salman Khan). They rekindle their love for each other and share some intimate moments together. Eventually Rohit leaves and Tamanna settles back into her normal daily routine. When her sister, Tanya, has an accident she decides to give her own blood to save her. H


Jaanam Poster
Jaanam (1999)
9-Oct-2019 4:00 AM

Talented singer and dancer, Chandni's life is dominated by three aunts, and a soft-spoken maternal grandmother. She meets with a womanizer named Rahul, and falls in love with him. Rahul treats her just like any of his other girlfriends, and decides to have an affair with her. Rahul unexpectedly meets with his dadaji, who wants him to get married to Chandni. In order to fool him, Rahul asks Chandni to pretend to be his wife, which she does. After Dadaji leaves, will Rahul and Chandni go their sep


Banphool Poster
Banphool (1971)
8-Oct-2019 7:54 AM

Haria lives with his widowed and elderly grandmother at a tea estate and works as Elephant Driver. He has no knowledge of his biological father, as his mother died at the time of his birth. He meets and falls in love with a gypsy girl, Gulabi, and both want to get married. But Gulabi has another suitor, none other than Ajay, the only son of the tea estate owner. When Ajay finds out that Gulabi loves Haria, he plans to get rid of Haria, but fails. He waits for the right moment, and has his men ab


Bazaar Poster
Bazaar (1982)
5-Oct-2019 4:00 AM

Bazaar is a 1982 Indian film directed by Sagar Sarhadi and starring Naseeruddin Shah, Farooq Shaikh, Smita Patil and Supriya Pathak.The film highlights the tragedy of young girls being sold by needy parents to affluent Indians in the Gulf.


Daava Poster
Daava (1997)
28-Sep-2019 6:52 PM

Underworld thugs kill one of three brothers, in order to create a rift between the remaining two.


Criminal Poster
Criminal (2016)
18-Sep-2019 10:26 PM

Bill Pope is a CIA agent on a mission in London tracking down a shadowy hacker nicknamed "The Dutchman." When he gets mysteriously ambushed and killed, an experimental procedure is used to transfer his memories into dangerous ex-convict Jericho Stewart. When he wakes up with the CIA agent's memories, his mission is to find The Dutchman and eliminate him before the hacker launches ICBM's and starts World War III. But complications soon arise and the mission turns personal.


Dhoom Poster
Dhoom (2004)
29-Aug-2019 10:33 PM

A gang of bikers headed by the cool-headed and arrogant Kabir is on a robbing spree in Mumbai. They rob establishments and then zip away on their superbikes. ACP Jai Dixit is the case in-charge and he recruits a bumbling bike mechanic and racer named Ali to chase the gang on a bike and help Jai nab them. Kabir accepts the challenge, and pulls off another robbery amidst a function. This causes Jai and Ali to call it off. Jai resigns from the police force and Ali goes back to his daily job. Meanwh


Tawaif Poster
Tawaif (1985)
31-Jul-2019 11:32 AM

The film mainly is about a tawaif (courtesan or some one who willingly or otherwise adopts the profession of entertaining others for a living), who accidentally enters the life of Dawood (Rishi Kapoor) who already has fallen in love with an upcoming writer (Poonam Dhillon). The situation becomes such that he has to claim that she (the Tawaaif) happens to be his wife. Soon the Tawaaif makes room in everybody's heart by her softness and intelligence, love and affection. It becomes difficult for Da

Do Raaste Poster
Do Raaste (2001)
31-Jul-2019 5:49 AM

Unemployed Shakthi Singh lives a poor lifestyle along with his widowed and ailing mother and a sister. His mother falls ill and gets admitted in hospital. While on his way to an interview with HSBC, Shakthi sees a beautiful girl, gets distracted and misses his bus - route No.12B. As a result he misses the interview, and ends up getting employed as a Garage Mechanic with Madan, his friend. He does meet with the same girl, gets to know her name is Jyotika, who lives a wealthy lifestyle with her mo