SKYSTAR Hindi Movie Premiere (Page 1)

SKYSTAR premieres. Find what are the newest Hindi Movie programs to watch on SKYSTAR channel.

Programs are sorted in the order of first shown in SKYSTAR channel.

Note: This is not information about world television premier or first time on indian television.

Diljalaa Poster
15-Oct-2019 4:47 PM

Mamta lives with her father who decides to get her married to the son of his employer. On the day of the engagement, Mamta humiliates him and refuses to get married.

Jeeva Poster
Jeeva (2014)
9-Oct-2019 7:24 PM

Jeeva is the story about an ardent cricket fan and his dream to play international matches. How he manages to balance his love life and achieve his cricketing dreams forms the plot of the movie.


Mera Karam Mera Dharam Poster
Mera Karam Mera Dharam
8-Oct-2019 11:50 AM

Ajay, a businessman, provides funds to Sarjuprasad to develop his hometown. When he learns that the money has been misappropriated by Sarjuprasad, he resolves to set things right.

Rame Gowda vs Krishna Reddy Poster

The story begins with Subbanna (Ananth Nag) who is a retired employee and his daughter Roopa (Rupashri) wants to go abroad for higher education. Subbanna decides to sell his plot but then the family is shocked when they discover that it has been confiscated by a famous land grabber Krishna Reddy (Shashi Kumar). All efforts by Subbanna with the authorities fail as they are linked to Krishna Reddy. The story takes a turn with the arrival of the lawyer Rame Gowda (Rangayana Raghu). - IMDB

Trimurti Poster
Trimurti (1995)
6-Oct-2019 4:22 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.


Mafia Raaj Poster
Mafia Raaj (1998)
5-Oct-2019 7:18 PM

Inspector Suraj (Mithun) is successful in maintaining peace and order in his village and is hence promoted to the city to keep the Mafia under control. Suraj moves to the city along with her sister, Chanda. In the city he crosses path with dangerous underworld dons Dhapat Jackal and his brother Jacky Jackal. To teach Suraj a lesson, the duo rape his sister and kill his father. Will Suraj have to go againstthe law to get his family justice? Will he succeed in taking revenge? Will he bring peace i

Nalayak Poster
4-Oct-2019 4:13 PM

Ram, the black sheep of the family, is accused by Rita, a friend, of buying fake jewellery for his girlfriend. Things take a turn when Rita is suddenly murdered and Ram is arrested.

Diljale Poster
Diljale (1996)
3-Oct-2019 2:07 PM

Captain Ranvir is assigned the task of apprehending two terrorists named Shaka and Dara. Upon arrival in the region, he meets with and falls in love with Radhika, the daughter of Rajasaheb, who also is a Mantri. The latter approves of him, and arranges his wedding with his daughter. Before the engagement could take place, Ranvir finds out that he has a rival in Shaka, who was in love with Radhika before, and is all set to prevent this marriage at any and costs. Ranvir decides to postpone his wed


Lahu Ke Do Rang Poster
Lahu Ke Do Rang (1979)
2-Oct-2019 7:19 PM

Inspector Raj Singh's father was killed by Shankar and his men for gold. Years later he locates them but also finds that he has a step brother Suraj who works for Shankar now known as Devi Dayal.


Baali Umar Ko Salaam Poster
Baali Umar Ko Salaam
27-Sep-2019 2:07 PM

Rahul, the son of a wealthy man, runs away from home when his father tries to get him married to a girl of his choice. Later, Rahul calls his mother only to inform her about his affair with Nikita.

Hasina Aur Nagina Poster
Hasina Aur Nagina
23-Sep-2019 9:37 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Kali Topi Lal Rumal Poster
Kali Topi Lal Rumal
21-Sep-2019 5:08 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.