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22-Aug-2019 8:59 PM

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Naaraaz Poster
22-Aug-2019 8:00 PM

Deva, a peasant, always fights for the welfare of his fellow villagers. Once, he kills an MP and runs away to Malaysia to hide. There he meets Taukia, who once again proves to be a hindrance.

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Teleshopping Poster
23-Aug-2019 12:00 AM

Tele shopping program.

Kaccha Limboo Poster
Kaccha Limboo (2011)
23-Aug-2019 2:00 AM

The words Kaccha Limbo denotes a child who is not mature enough.The movie follows the trials and tribulations of 13 year old Shambu.His friends in school ostracize him for being obese calling him names. Despite his school problems, Shambu does have a loving and caring family. He does not seem to relate to his step father, who seems to have a highly sympathetic attitude. He has crush for a girl, who does seem to despise him for his looks. He continues talking to her as an anonymous another person


Jheel Ke Us Paar Poster
Jheel Ke Us Paar (1973)
23-Aug-2019 4:30 AM

Kulwant Rai's horse carriage runs over a child, and as a result, she loses her vision.

Chacha Chaudhary Poster
Chacha Chaudhary
23-Aug-2019 7:00 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Tadipaar Poster
Tadipaar (1993)
23-Aug-2019 8:00 AM

Shankar (Mithun Chakraborty) is sentenced to live outside the limits of the city due to a Police case. One day he happens to rescue a woman in distress from some hoodlums and finds out that her name is Namkeen, who resembles a missing multi-millionaire Mohinidevi (Pooja Bhatt). Shankar asks Namkeen to impersonate Mohinidevi to embezzle her wealth. Namkeen agrees to do so, but the question remains: where is Mohinidevi, and what will happen to Namkeen when she is found?

Teleshopping Poster
23-Aug-2019 11:00 AM

Tele shopping program.

Kalyug Poster
Kalyug (2005)
23-Aug-2019 12:00 PM

The husband of a woman who commits suicide after a run-in with the adult entertainment industry seeks revenge on those who drove her to her death. In doing so, he delves into the world of international human trafficking, eventually traveling across the world to seek out the ringleaders of this horrifying enterprise.


Teleshopping Poster
23-Aug-2019 3:00 PM

Tele shopping program.

Jaanam Poster
Jaanam (1999)
23-Aug-2019 4:00 PM

Talented singer and dancer, Chandni's life is dominated by three aunts, and a soft-spoken maternal grandmother. She meets with a womanizer named Rahul, and falls in love with him. Rahul treats her just like any of his other girlfriends, and decides to have an affair with her. Rahul unexpectedly meets with his dadaji, who wants him to get married to Chandni. In order to fool him, Rahul asks Chandni to pretend to be his wife, which she does. After Dadaji leaves, will Rahul and Chandni go their sep


Teleshopping Poster
23-Aug-2019 7:00 PM

Tele shopping program.

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