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Krishnavamsi Pasupuleti (Telugu: పసుపులేటి కృష్ణవంశీ) (born 28 July 1962) is an award-winning Indian film director in Telugu Cinema.
Gender: Female
Born On: 23-Jul-1962
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My Boss Bajrangbali (2004)

when I saw Jayam and Dil. I observed him for a couple of months. After deciding that Nitin is an apt actor for this role, I approached him and signed him for the main lead role. The hero in this film is a fanatic devotee of Lord Anjaneya. After observing his loyalty to Lord Anjaneya, the village men start calling him 'Anji'. I wanted an actor who possesses those qualities of divinity, authority and purity. I don't want the image of that actor to dominate the character he is playing. He should lo