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Birth Name: James Wnoroski. A 25-year veteran in the Hollywood exploitation field, writer/producer/director Jim Wynorski is responsible for over 150 varied motion pictures in a myriad of genres. Leaving behind a successful commercial business in New York, Wynorski relocated to California in 1980 and soon found himself on the doorstep of his childhood idol, B-film king Roger Corman. "The rest was destiny," recounts Wynorski, who soon found himself hired by the renowned movie mogul to cut "coming
Gender: Male
Born On: 14-Aug-1950
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Tue 5:45 AM, 26 Oct 2021 / GREAT! action

Crash Point Zero (2000)

When a plane carrying a legendary and recently found death ray machine from Siberia to Canada is hijacked and crashes in the remote mountains of Alaska, only a fearless government agent (Treat Willia