Yook Sung-jae Poster

Yook Sung-jae (???) is a South Korean singer and actor.  He is a member of the boyband BtoB.
Gender: Male
Born On: 2-May-1995
Last Info Sync: 7/1/2021 3:52:00 PM

Yook Sung-jae's Filmography on TV

List of programs starring Yook Sung-jae on tv. Programs are sorted in order of last seen on tv. Last updated: Mar 21, 2023 4:36 PM

The Village Achiara'S Secret (2015)

Achiara is a quiet, peaceful village with hardly any crime. But on her first day of school there, English language instructor Kim So-yoon discovers a buried corpse. As the townspeople speculate on the identity of the dead person and the reason she was killed, So-yoon and policeman Park Woo-jae become determined to solve the mystery.

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