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Surekha is an Indian film actress. She was a prominent lead actress during the 1980s in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu films. Her debut role in Bharathan movie Thakara was well noted for her performance.
Gender: Female
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Surekha's Filmography on TV

List of programs starring Surekha on tv. Programs are sorted in order of last seen on tv. Last updated: Oct 4, 2022 12:19 PM

Athma (1993)

Raghu, an atheist archaeologist, and his father goes to an isolated village for research, his father disappears mysteriously and Raghu finds out a strange prophecy : God will come to earth on Purnima

Dhum Dhadaka (1985)

Three young man will try all possible ways to impress Dhanajirao Wakde to approve their marriages.

Novemberinte Nashtam (1982)

The movie is about a girl's emotional turmoil after a breakup and her ever supportive brother and how they try to get through the difficult period.

Ellam Inba Mayam (1981)

Pazhani and Velu, two innocent villagers, move to the city to earn a living. When Velu's employer cheats him, Pazhani helps him take revenge.

Anupama (1966)

Mohan Sharma (Tarun Bose) is a workaholic, whose life changes dramatically after his wife dies upon giving birth to their daughter Uma (Sharmila Tagore).

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