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Shane Graham was born in Bryan, Texas on December 21st, 1990. Growing up in a small farm town, Shane trained, rode, and competed on horses. When not acting, or riding horses, he was taking various martial arts courses. Once graduating high school, Shane wanted to take his acting abilities further through intensive training and study. He studied at the Austin School of Film and later moved out to New York City to study. He Graduated The New York Film Academy in Acting for Film. He has and continu
Gender: Female
Born On: 21-Dec-1990
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Shane Graham's Filmography on TV

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Mon 12:00 AM, 23 Feb 2015

Girl On The Edge (2015)

A powerful true story about the journey of a troubled teenage girl who finds healing in the most unlikely of places, and who must choose to either invest in her own recovery or succumb to the trauma of her past.

Thu 12:00 AM, 5 Jun 2014

Boyhood (2014)

The film tells a story of a divorced couple trying to raise their young son. The story follows the boy for twelve years, from first grade at age 6 through 12th grade at age 17-18, and examines his relationship with his parents as he grows.

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