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Meesam Suresh is an Actor from India, worked in the Telugu movie industry
Gender: Male
Born On: 15-Aug-1988
Last Info Sync: 12/17/2021 6:20:00 AM

Meesam Suresh's Filmography on TV

List of programs starring Meesam Suresh on tv. Programs are sorted in order of last seen on tv. Last updated: Mar 24, 2023 9:57 AM

Pushpa: The Rise (2021)

Pushpa Raj is a coolie who rises in the world of red sandalwood smuggling. Along the way, he doesn’t shy from making an enemy or two.

Drushyam 2 (2021)

7 years after the events of Drushyam, the family lives with the trauma from that fateful night. A gripping tale of an investigation and a family threatened by it. Will Rambabu be able to protect his family this time?

Thimmarusu (2021)

After a cab driver is found dead, a young pub employee is framed for the murder and is sent to jail for 8 years. When he comes out on parole, a young lawyer takes up the case to prove his innocence.

Pyar Ka Khel (2018)

Nikky is an irresponsible and insensitive gaming addict. Rags enters his life and challenges him to find her by playing a game designed by her. But things seem to be much more than just fun and games.

Arjun Reddy (2017)

When his girlfriend is forced to marry another man, a troubled young surgeon begins to self-destruct.

Right Right (2016)

Right Right starts off with Ravi joining his duty as a bus conductor in a small village. Very quickly, he establishes a good rapport with the driver Seshu as well as the regular commuters. One fine day, when Seshu gets badly drunk during his duty, Ravi is forced to drive the bus back home. During the journey, Ravi hears a sudden sound in front of the bus and thinks he hit someone. He get’s down to find a man under his bus, who is barely alive. It is the remake of Malayalam film Ordinary.

Terror (2016)

Vijay realises that the state politicians have evil intention and are joining hands with terrorists. He wants to ensure the public is safe. He starts off on a journey to find and put the terrorists to

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