Bruce Salmon was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on October 2, 1961. Bruce moved with his family to Houston, TX, in September, 1969. He began performing music live at the age of 15 in Houston, and moved to Austin, TX to further his music career in 1980. He has been a professional musician since then, in addition to a world traveling adventurer. He is the father of Ellar Coltrane Kinney Salmon, lead actor in the film Boyhood (2014). Bruce has a cameo in the film. - IMDb Mini Biography By: self
Gender: Female
Born On: 2-Oct-1961
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Thu 12:00 AM, 5 Jun 2014

Boyhood (2014)

The film tells a story of a divorced couple trying to raise their young son. The story follows the boy for twelve years, from first grade at age 6 through 12th grade at age 17-18, and examines his relationship with his parents as he grows.

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