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Avi Arad is an Israeli-American businessman. He became the CEO of the company Toy Biz in the 1990s, and soon afterward became the chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment, a Marvel director, and the chairman, CEO, and founder of Marvel Studios.
Gender: Male
Born On: 1-Aug-1948
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Avi Arad's Filmography on TV

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Spider-Man:All Roads Lead to No Way Home (2022)

Join our hosts JB Smoove and Martin Starr for a celebration of 20 years of Spider-Man™ movies! From the original Sam Raimi trilogy to Marc Webb’s “amazing” movies to the latest trio from Director Jon Watts, we will take viewers through the stars, the stunts and action, the villains and heroes and an homage to Stan Lee, along with a few surprises. Find your favourite Spider-Man pajamas and prepare to swing through the past two decades of Spider-Man at the movies!

Marvel Renaissance (2014)

Documentary about the rise of Marvel Studios after their near-bankruptcy in the mid-1990s.

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